Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Gaze 12" x 14"

The Gaze - detail 

My Newest Painting: Very Different

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"The Gaze" is a 12" x 16" varnished watercolour ( no glass required, regular frame) with some powdered gold pigment. It is in my series of Venetian sculptures, but I used a very different style to give it a modern twist. It is inspired by a carving by the Venetian sculptor Tullio Lombardo ( 1460-1532) and was painted on an1/8" Ampersand panel from Texas. Eventually, I will make a cradle for it and frame it with a floating frame ( no glass), but for the moment I want to offer it as is for a lower shipping cost. I am interested in your reaction to this new style....


  1. wonderful art -- I like how you worked the values -saving the whites by alternating it with beautiful colors! Glad I just surfed into your blog by chance. Is painting on ampersand like painting on Yupo? and what did you use to seal the painting? Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Meera. Painting on Ampersand is not at all like painting on Yupo...ampersand is absorbent. I use acrylic varnish as my last layer.