Saturday, June 3, 2017

Catching Up!

Trying to catch up with my posts!
I have been busy in the past month even though I have not posted any news on my blog. Let me quickly provide an update on my art activities.
"Meditation" - 40" x 30" -Acrylic

"Meditation" - detail
"Meditation" is a quiet abstract, as the title suggests. It is meant to calm and to bring quiet feelings of serenity.

I had a "two-artist" show at the Green Door Restaurant in Ottawa. It is a large vegetarian restaurant that serves outstanding food ; it is extremely busy from opening to closing time.

A few of my abstracts at the Green Door Restaurant

A few examples of my "Spirit of Africa" series at the Green Door Restaurant
June will be another busy month with a new show from June 2nd to June 25th.