Monday, June 27, 2011

New Work in Progress and Varnishing

I feel that I have not posted anything new in such a long time: first I had the pinched nerve ( getting much better), then I had to prepare for shows etc. I have started a new piece, about 16" X 16" on Arches 140lb. It is a Venetian mascarone again ( stone sculpture over an archway). I  painted this one in a small format a few months ago, but wanted to try it again. I don't think that it will create the same impact as my recent Gate Keeper, but at least it's getting me back in the painting mode:-)

I have also painted a new strawberry painting, Gossip Time.  It is attached to a gallery wood panel and varnished, this time with varnish applied with a roller, instead of sprayed on. I really liked the colors of this painting, but  the result shows a few imperfections unfortunately where the medium used to glue the paper to the panel oozed out onto the painting...lesson learned! I will therefore keep this painting for myself and will probably redo it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Great Show Opening

My two-women art show, Two Friends, Two Artists started last week with the official opening reception on Sunday afternoon. The turnout for the reception was great and in the past week I have sold 6 happier could I be? My strawberry paintings, including the varnished watercolors, are now all gone...I will do my best to paint one more for next week end:-)
Here is a varnished painting that sold before I had time to even put it on my blog; the colorful reference was from WetCanvas.
A Berry independent Couple

Varnished on 1.5" deep wood panel

The show continues next weekend.