Monday, September 27, 2010

Follow the Leader...Finished for now

I am spending a restful week in Maine, right on the ocean. Unfortunately, it has rained all day today and we are expecting more of the same tomorrow. Nevertheless, I am enjoying my vacation away from work.
I spent a few minutes this afternoon finishing my Cherry/Crab Apples painting.  It probably needs a few more finishin touches, but I will call it finished for now at least.
The picture was taken inside with my small camera - the colors may be quite off on your monitor.
If we have a sunny day before we go back home, I will try to get pictures of waves ans seagulls to share.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Discover Krista Hasson on ARTALEE

For my second feature as curator of ARTALEE, I have chosen a fellow Canadian artist blogger, Krista Hasson, whose work I find simply breathtaking. I have posted a few of my favorites by Krista so that those who don't already know her will have a idea of the range of her talent. I hope that you will go and have at the post then go see what Krista is painting now.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exciting News!

I am very excited to announce that I have just become a curator of an new curated online gallery: ARTALEE started by Micah Condon, founder of the well-known  DailyPainters website. The objective of the gallery is to bring to the visitors a wide range of the best artists on the internet. ARTALEE will not be selling any artwork, simply featuring work of artists  that the curator-artists really like.

Mt responsibility will be to help users discover interesting artists and to help promote the work of these artists. What fun this is going to be! As a bonus, I will get to promote my own art at the same time. For each featured artist, I will posting up to 6 pictures of their artwork with a link to their website along with a brief description of what strikes me about their work. I can see this only as positive publicity...we artists sure need all the marketing help we can get.

I will try to feature a few different artists every week.I spend a lot of time reading artists' blogs, those on my blog roll and those on my blogger friends' blog roll. This seems as the logical place for me to start. If you really don't want me to post pictures and links to your blog  on ARTALEE, please email me at

For my first post, I have chosen the work of Fabio Cembranelli, a watercolor painter from Brazil who creates magic with his paintbrush.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yikes!,,,No more cherries! Work in Progress

I was all set to base my entire future as an artist on paintings of lace and discover that cherries have a short season! Last week, there was not a single cherry to be found in Canada's capital...believe me, I searched everywhere:-) My next step was to search for something that was not a cherry, but looked a bit like a least from quite a distance. I ended up buying and taking pictures of ...humble crab apples! After all, they are a fruit, they are small, shaped a bit like cherries....

The work in progress below shows my feeble attempt at painting crab apples. You will see that these look like a hybrid...I think that I could not decide if I was painting cherries or apples :-(Consequently, theses little guys are probably much overworked. The lace part is only partially done, but I wanted your opinion before spending more time on this watercolor.

The picture was taken inside, so the colors may not be not entirely true.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cherries and Lace I

Here is my first small painting of cherries and lace from the numerous photographs I took last week. I painted it yesterday and I kept  it very simple: no background, a small portion of lace only with a bit of my hardwood flooring peaking through.  It is about 8" X11" and matted at 12" X 15"; it could also be cropped for a square look of 8 X8", cutting out the white on either side of the lace.

I enjoyed painting this and will definitely paint some more complex one with the same elements. 
What do you think?