Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Upcoming Show and Red Bubble Fun

I will have four paintings in a new show at the Foyer Gallery, "Art at the Plex". The exhibition starts tomorrow, May 9th and runs until May 27. You can see my small cherry and lace painting on the poster below. I will also be showing the mixed media Inukshuk I finished last week.
I have a two-day sale and show on June 3rd for which I want some new work: I have to get cracking! In the last few weeks, I have not painted any watercolor paintings apart from my "Pierre, the Green Man" which is currently at the framers.

Since I have no new painting to show you today, I will post some of the Red Bubble fun of the last week:
My "Pierre, the Green Man" has received 2 features in the past three days. while my "Independent Trio" placed in the top ten ( 5th place) in a Still Life challenge.
 Eight days ago, my clematis painting, "Kaleidoscope" ( now sold) also received a nice feature:
 These features are fun; they force me to look at my older paintings, not just the last ones... and they give me a smile...I really need this  - after finishing a large piece, I always feel drained and somewhat down...until I get involved in another work. Do you feel like this sometime?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Pierre, the Green Man" - Finish line in sight at last!

I have almost completed my watercolor "Pierre, the Green Man", the second in a series of three Ottawa stone carvings. The first one was "Angus, the Green Man" and the third will be " Scottie, the Green Man".
It is on Fabriano SP watercolor paper and it will be framed to 25" X 25" . The photo was taken inside and the colors are off: in real life, they are softer and lighter than on this photo. I will try to get a truer picture once it is all completed.

This painting has taken me several weeks of working off and on...It was often difficult from my photos to see all the details. The colors are all my own, since the carving is in grey stone. I really wanted to have a play of warm and cool, light and shadows. I almost ruined it last night when I put dark blue shadows all across the eye on the left side of the painting...I should never paint at night!!! But thank to the painting gods for non-staining watercolor paints: I removed most of the blue and I think that  the eye will be ok.

I am very pleased that this painting is almost finished and I am looking forward to painting something quick and easy for the next little while.

Tell me what you think.