Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pinched nerve and new feature

I have not painted all week because of pain in my shoulder and arm...I am treating it as a pinched nerve, but I suppose that I should let my doctor decide what the cause is:-) I went to work all week and grimaced my way through meetingsa... Nevertheless, I have chosen a few of my next watercolor projetcts.

As a study for a potential larger painting, I want to paint the Venetian windows and shutters from a picture I took last April. The scene will provide me with the opportunity to work with interesting cast shadows again; the plants hanging from the windowsill will be a challenge for me since I usually stay away from foliage of all kinds:-)

On another note, I was quite pleased to see that my "Laundry Day in Venice" continues to attract attention on the Red Bubble site. It was featured yesterday in The Featured Features Group- only the artworks already selected as a feature in another group can qualify for entry or feature selection in this group. The moderator stated:"Many of these images evoked strong emotional responses in me. All very special in their own way." I dont' think that my ":Laundry Day..." would be one of the artworks evoking a strong emotional response"...

I wish you all a great Sunday!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pictures from my vacation

I am back from a wonderful week in Maine, right beside the Atlantic. What a great way to forget about work!
Long walks on the beach, breathing in that pure sea air:

Listening to the deafening sounds of the waves against the rocks: 

There were still some flowers in bloom...I had brought a winter coat:-)

I painted wonderful watercolors in my head ...but none on paper. One rainy afternoon, I pushed paint around for about 30 minutes and tried to get juicy colors through mingling on paper like Anne Abgott in her book "Daring Color". I ended up with whimsical pears a four-year old could be proud of :-)

 Meanwhile, upon checking on my Red Bubble site, I was pleased to see that my  Venetian Guardian had placed in the top ten in one of the recent Art challenges on that site.

I was back at work today with no time for dreaming about painting. However, I have 2-3 projects lined up and hopefully will get them started tomorrow night.

Good night everyone!