Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ending 2011 ...

I like how 2011 is ending... as far as my art is concerned:-)
A few days ago, I finished my first acrylic painting which also happens to be my first abstract. This painting was commissioned by my daughter who had chosen the following colors: black, white, grey, silver and red. I gave her the painting, The Gift, as a Xmas present. And she likes it...ouff, what a relief:-)

It is 20" X  24" on a gallery wooden panel. I used regular acrylic paints, silver metallic acrylic paint, gloss medium and semi-gloss gel. The texture and the  colors, especially the grey, don't show up accurately on the picture, but enough to give you an idea of what it looks like.
My daughter is lending me the painting for my upcoming show at the Foyer Gallery...if the painting happens to sell, I promised to paint her a larger and better one:-)
What do you think? 

Red Bubble also gave me a nice way to end the year with a double feature in their grand 2011 finale of the Painters' Universe permanent feature gallery; both my recent Into the Lion's Den as well as my Golden Arch painting were featured.

I wish all my blogging friends the very best for the rest of 2011 and throughout 2012. I get so much joy and encouragement via this blog...thank you so much all of you!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Upcoming Show, Red Bubble Feature, etc.

I currently have several paintings in the Xmas Show at Foyer Gallery. My next show will be at the same gallery starting the first week of January and it will be entitled "The Art of the Matter".  Here is the poster for this show:
You will recognize my watercolor "Into the Lion's Den" at the bottom right. I have just received this painting back from the framer and it looks very good under glass with a white mat and a black metal frame.
This painting has just been featured on the Red Bubble site in the group The Best of Red Bubble:
I have not been posting new works in the past few weeks; I have been experimenting with acrylics, collage, pouring and abstracts and have nothing worth posting so far:-) Today, I am starting a 20" X 24" acrylic abstract for my daughter. It is a commission from her, but if it turns out ok and I can get it all down this week, it will become a Xmas present....There is a lot of wishful thinking here since I am a realist painter by temperament and experience and have never been very happy with the results I have achieved with acrylics...Wish me luck:-)

In case I don't have a new post before Dec. 25th, I want to offer all my best wishes for the Holiday Season to all my blogging friends.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Into the Lion's Den - finished and featured; also, upcoming show

Into the Lion's Den ( or, as my daughter calls it, Stephen King's Door Knocker:-) is finished. I accentuated the shadows and darkened some areas.  It is 12" X 16" and I will probably frame it under glass rather than varnishing it.

The background color is closer in real life to the color in the previous post. I hope that you still like it.
It has already been featured on the Red Bubble site:

Now, it's time to move on to another project:-)

I have a new show starting next Wednesday at the Foyer Gallery. It is a holiday show of smaller pieces and it's called: Art to Go.  I will be displaying 5-6 paintings in that show until the first week of January. This will be my last show of 2011.

Enjoy your weekend!