Sunday, August 6, 2017

Florence - Going to the Duomo

"Florence - Going to the Duomo" original oil painting 18" x 24" x 1.5" from my own reference photo taken in Florence, Italy.
I was really scared to attempt painting this scene, especially in oil, but I am rather pleased with it. It brings back wonderful memories of my trips to that beautiful city!
I damaged my camera a few meters from that scene and the damaged lens currently blurs the top left of my photos.
I am falling in love with oils. So far, the only thing I don't like about them is that I have to wait a while before I can varnish them.


  1. Good for you Christiane. You are adding yet another medium to your tool box. Oils are so beautiful but yes, the drying time. Sigh! I am far to impatient. Acrylics don't even dry fast enough. :) Well done I love the perspective and how you are lead into the scene and all they down the street. Beautiful.

  2. thank you, Ross. I took so many photos of that street. I felt I just had to paint it. I keep forgetting that oils don't dry fast like acrylic and putting my hand over wet paint:-)We are so fortunate to have this creative outlet!

  3. Great Work .how many time you spend on it?

    1. Thank you, Awon. I probably worked on it for a good month. It was slow, but such fun!

  4. Fabulous work and amazing talent. Thanks for sharing.