Thursday, February 28, 2013

Neptune's Sea Horses - Finished...for now

"Neptune's Sea Horses, Florence" is finished for now. It measures 15" X 31" and I will take it to the framer's this weekend. It's from my own reference photo taken last fall in Florence, Italy, and it represents, at least partially, three of the four marble horses of Neptune's fountain started in the 16th century.The horses seem to be jumping out of the water and pulling Neptune's throne.

I now have to go back to my large commission of a Green Man and hopefully some smaller pieces for three upcoming shows in March, April and May respectively.

I hope that you like this painting. Take care.

Monday, February 25, 2013

WIP -Neptune's Sea Horses, Florence

I have temporarily put my large commission aside to work on another large piece. My "Neptune's Sea Horses" above is about 75% finished and it measures 15" X 31" on Artistico SP paper. It represents three of the 4 marble horses of Neptune's Fountain in Florence. I took several photos of it last fall and was just itching to paint it. Hum...not a very easy task:-) But, a fun task nevertheless. I have simplified the background on the left-hand side and have to decide how much detailing I will use at the top and between the two horses on the right. I still have the head of the horse on the right to finish.
My reference photos were taken on rather cloudy days, but I wanted a sunny and colorful effect. I hope that you won't think that I overdid this.

Tell me what you think.

I hope that you are all doing well and will have an early spring.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Art Show at Cafe Angelina

Feed your body and your soul with an art show at Cafe Angelina, near Sussex Dr. in Ottawa.

A very good artist friend of mine, Luminita Serbanescu, and I are thrilled about showing some of our artwork at Cafe Angelina in downtown Ottawa.

We are showing a total of 20 paintings in this cozy environment where patrons can sip one of the best cappucino coffees in town while looking at our art.  On Saturday, Feb. 16th, we will have a "Meet the Artists" from 3 until 5. If you are in Ottawa for the last weekend of Winterlude, do try to drop in.  The food is excellent and Luminita and I would love to see you.