Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spring Beauty Miniature

Spring Beauty Miniature

Spring Beauty Miniature 4" x 4"


This original painting is on an 1/8" Ampersand Aquabord panel that I love more all the time because of the vivid colors and very special effects that can be achieved on it. In "Spring Beauty" I had a lot of fun creating depth and using negative painting techniques to hint at leaves in the background. I finished the painting with a varnish, then glossy resin-like coating that increases the depth and the shine. These miniatures do not need glass!!!
I like to display these little gems on a mini easel which is readily available ; it is so easy to find a special little corner for them on a shelf, a table, near a computer. Naturally, they can also be inserted into a regular photo frame or a painting frame. 

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