Sunday, October 4, 2009

Work in title yet

In my previous post, I showed the picture below that I am using for a new watercolor in the "Memories of Venice" ( or, if you prefer, " Yes, it's yet another Venetian door!" :-)) series.

This painting will undoubtedly be quite different from my previous ones: I will not focus on a close-up of the door, but will show most of the facade; the colors in the reference are rather drab and subdued ( but I probably won't resist the temptation of adding lots of color.); the humble facade does not speak of past Venetian splendor.  However, the shadows under the hanging laundry are so attractive.
I already feel that this will be a challenge for me...Especially for that reason, to push myself to go ahead with this, I will post my progress...It may be slow because of current pressures in my full-time job ( You see, I am already coming up with excuses :-) . The WIP may bore most of you, but believe me, it's going to take a lot of courage on my part to publicize  my artistic struggle...What if the result is only good for the bin???( nail biting, heart pounding, finger on the delete button etc....!)

Without further ado..and with a deep breath..., here are the first stage of Memories of Venice VI.

Stage1:   The sketch is done on Arches 140lb CP, approximately 16" X 20". I have masked the sections to remain white ( around the door, the laundry) and the ironwork on the windows. I may have made the sketch too dark ...I wanted it to show in the picture.
As usual, I am starting with a pouring technique for the background, using three primary colors. Oops...where has the gray facade gone???? Ah well...

I hope that you will stay tuned for an update later on this week.
Take care.


  1. pulling up a chair christine, looking forward to seeing how you handle this....not to worry , it will be fine.. take deep breaths...

  2. Oh, you'll do fine on this - no gray in sight and colorful is the ticket!!

  3. Love your approach and colors! Looking forward to more - no pressure:-)

  4. Thank you all for the vote of confidence and the interest. No pressure...deep breaths...fingers crossed and more deep breaths;-)
    I will try to post an update by Tuesday night.

  5. You are off to a great start and I love the colors. I look forward to seeing the next stage. I like when people share their process.

  6. Can't wait to see the next installment Christiane. I like what I'm seeing so far.

  7. Thank you, Nora and Mary. I should be able to post an update tomorrow night. I really appreciate your interest: what a great incentive to get down to painting as soon as I get home from work...and after blogging of course :-)