Monday, December 17, 2012

Absence, study and interview

First, please excuse my absence from the blog world these last few weeks. Our main computer died a sudden death, I was busy with Xmas sales and was busily painting a study for a large commission piece.

Here is the almost completed 12" X 16" study for a commission; this Green Man will be third and largest piece of a trilogy also including Pierre the Green Man and Angus the Green Man. The final piece will be about 20" high and about 40' wide before framing; the part I have done as a study is just part of the middle section - there will be more carved leaves forming a top horizontal bar across the entire width of the painting while the head will be flanked by warm colored stone walls with just a simple carved date in Roman numerals. This piece will be called Scottie: the symbolism includes the thistle ( national flower of Scotland and maple leaves, symbolic of Canada).

The eyes are blank in this sculpture and I struggled to avoid too much of a scary look:-) In the painting itself, I may have to go lighter in what are the top corners of this study; otherwise, the top horizontal bar which is also partly in the shade will not show up any details....I hope that the client will like it!

Two weeks ago, I was at the Nepean Fine Arts League winter show. Below is a photo of part of my booth at that show.

The weather was bad that weekend: very cold the first day and freezing rain the next. Consequently, the attendance was quite down from last year. However, I managed to make a few sales.

I was very surprised when  Liana Voia, a clinical hypnotherapist, asked me to do a videotaped interview with her for her blog on Contemplative, Expressive and Imaginative Arts. I usually refuse any interviews since at this point in my life I feel I can avoid that type of stress.  However, Liana is so friendly and engaging I was interviewed:-) If you promise not to laugh too too loud, you can view the interview here on YouTube.

I wish you and your families all the best for the Holiday Season.