Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top Ten Challenge Winners

I was so pleased to find out a few minutes ago that my latest painting, Love that Lace, has just been voted in the top ten of over 80 entries in the Red Bubble Impressionism Cafe challenge for watercolor still life paintings.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Exciting News!

I am very excited to announce that I have been accepted in the Daily Painters International Art Gallery !
As many of you know, I am retiring on Nov 30th and want to devote my time to painting. I am very result-oriented and need goals: this new venture will ensure that I produce regularly and will keep me super motivated!

. Wish me luck in my new adventure:-)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Report and Venice Fountain WIP part 1

Only 2.5 weeks before I retire and can become a full-time artist! Wow!  I don't think that I quite realize it yet.

Of course, this has been another busy week with little time for actual painting; however, I did frame my "Love that Lace" and I took advantage of  the free weekend trial at ArtistNetworkTV to watch at least 6 art videos on watercolor and acrylic.

This afternoon, I finally sat down in front of my latest sketch: Venetian Pool Party or Venice Fountain. I really want to paint this quickly, spontaneously, rather than going for a labor-intensive realistic look...just to see what I can do quickly:-)Don't expect a masterpiece:-

)Here is the result of this first session:
Have a great Sunday evening!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love That Lace ; new sketch etc.

I have finished my Love that Lace watercolor and I am rather pleased with it.
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It is approximately 7.5" X10.5 and I am matting it to fit a 12" X15" frame.

It has such a cheerful look - it reminds me of sunny Sunday afternoons! There is almost a 3-D effect caused by the warm oak wood peeking through the gorgeous lace.

I am looking for a better title. Any suggestions?

What to paint next? I really like one of my pictures of the Fish Market in Venice showing pigeons having a pool party in a bucket under one of those old Venetian fountains. There is a nice play of light and shadows and the rusty fountain is begging to be painted with lots of textures. Here is a small sketch I have just finished - it may be a study for a larger painting to be painted evenutally. This is my first time drawing/painting birds - I may be doing my usual trick of creating new species:-)
Yesterday, I added a new feature on ARTALEE: this time, of my fellow Canadian artist, Jeanette Jobson.  I focused on her very unique gyotaku project. Do visit her most interesting blog.

Have a great Sunday evening!