Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ten days of playing:...not much to show for it:-(

I apologize for my absence from my blog in the past week or so. I have been busy with family matters ( preparing my mother's move to a retirement home in March) and simply playing with my paints. I really did not produce anything worth posting...I still don't, but will post one picture anyway:-): I combined an experiment with 300 lb paper with a poured study for a monochrome "posterized portrait" of one of my nieces. Unfortunately, in the process, I lost her nose, ruined her eyes and blackened a few of her teeth:-)
I will redo this posterized portrait, but will probably paint it instead of pouring it. What did I learn with this experiment:
- the 300 lb CP Arches paper is certainly sturdier for pouring
-but, I found that I required a more concentrated paint solution to get the values I have gotten with the 140 lb
-the masking (W&N) removed a lot of the color with it - I have not had such a problem in the past - was it the paper or the masking fluid???
- I started with a good sketch, but I ended up with a portrait with little resemblance to my niece: what happened? I know that I had made a masking error with the eyes, but thought I had fixed it:-(

Conclusion:  I have had success in the past with pouring with several colors on a 140lb CP paper. Pouring really blends the colors beautifully....However, there seems to be more disadvantages than advantages in pouring a "monochrome" painting.  Consequently, I intend to re-use my sketch eventually and paint ( not pour) this portrait. ...I hope that my niece will not check my blog and see this picture:-)

What else did  I play with during the week?
- adding fluid acrylic to a watercolor, adding  acrylic gloss medium to it to see the effect, looking at my hundreds of favorite photos in search of inspiration.

Tomorrow, I will get back to more serious painting!!!

I have to add that Red Bubble has honored me with another feature for my Garden Kaleidoscope ( Purple Clematis). Thank you, Red Bubble, You are good for my morale:-)


  1. Welcome back, Christiane! I would say you have a lot to show for your time away ... First and foremost, fulfilling responsibilities toward your family.

    As for the portrait you've been playing with, it's definitely got character. If you wanted to get really creative, you could even build on the effect you've got going on around the eyes, nose, and teeth such as by harmonizing the background a bit to make it thematic.

    Congrats on the Red Bubble feature. Have heard of Red Bubble but haven't looked into it too deeply.

  2. Forget the fact its your niece and look at it as if it was a stranger.. the painting really does have a characterful feel to it. I think its great!

  3. I don't think it's bad! Pours can be hard, and as always, I admire anyone for attempting a portrait - let alone pouring one! So pat yourself on the back for that! I agree with CountryDreaming - just play with this one some more.

  4. Well, even if you think you made some errors, the result is still very pleasant. I think it is a lovely portrait.

  5. Country Dreaming, Pat, Deb and Jane: thank you for your comments and insights.

    I have put that portrait aside and have just transferred my sketch to a Canson artboard with Arches watercolor paper - my first time trying this support. This time, I will try using regular painting techniques rather than the pour, but keeping the posterized, monochrome look. The trick this time will be in getting the right values ( I think that was the easy part with the pour).

  6. This work is so different and so interesting. It is looking great as it is. Trust me.

  7. Thank you, Asit! I have decided to leave it as is even though it is not what I had in mind when I started:-)

  8. Thank you, Jane. Thank you for stopping by. Take care!

  9. Sargent said a portrait (or "paughtrait") is "a painting in which there is something not quite right about the mouth."
    I don't know if this looks like the model, but I really like the image!!

  10. Thank you very much Nick for taking the time to drop by and comment. I am very pleased that you like this portrait!