Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dahlia WIP Part 3, ARTALEE feature...and Red Bubble update anyone?

I worked on the dahlia this afternoon. I like it, but would now change a few things if I redid it: I think that I would leave a lot more white on the light petals...I find that they end up looking gray with that yellow, pink and blue. I should perhaps have just put in a touch of blue...It would have been a lot simpler. What do you think?

I may also go back to experimenting with the Fabriano soft press paper: I do a lot of lifting with these florals ( with Q tips mostly while the paint is still wet) and I seem to remember that lifting was much easier on that soft press. When I played with this paper last year, I had noted that it would probably be a good choice for florals. It is also much cheaper than Arches in my area. So...I am putting this paper on my list for my next shopping expedition at my art supplies store.

I finally took the time today to add a new feature on ARTALEE: the wonderful poured watercolors of Leslie Redhead. Please have a look at her beautiful work.

And, yes, my lucky streak is still going strong apparently with Red Bubble, since I received a feature today for one of my doors, Venetian Doorway  in the group Windows and Doors; this painting had been submitted to that group more than a year ago and they have now discovered it:-) Thank you again, Red Bubble!
Have a great evening and I hope that you will all have time to paint or look at some great art tomorrow!


  1. Looking good so far.
    It may be my monitor but mine isn't showing up that dull grey, more a bluey grey. If its like that in real life, I'd leave it :)

  2. Pat, yes, it is more blue than grey. Have a super day and hope that you can get in some good painting time.

  3. This flower is beautiful- I see no gray, just lovely value shifts and pretty color.
    congrats on the Red Bubble- love that painting of the door:)

  4. The painting is coming along beautifully. Love the way you formed the petals. Congrats, on the Red Bubble features.

  5. Hi Christiane. You make my day! Firstly, your flower is looking absolutely stunning. Good job, and i appreciate flower paintings, as they are not easy to do. I've tried, with little success. I will have to stick to villages I'm afraid. And secondly, i was just posting some of the paintings from my show and there you were! Thanks so much for dropping by, and yes, there will be more villages. I just cannot resist them. Blessings always and happy painting.

  6. The dahlia is looking beautiful, as always. I agree with the others. The petals look more blue.
    Thank you once again for the feature:)You rock!

  7. Leslie, I will be posting the almost completed dahlia in a few minutes - this will give a better idea of the colors.
    As for the feature, I hope it brings you tons of traffic to your website:-)