Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having fun: something different...and Red Bubble update:-)

I seem to have to play between labor-intensive paintings. Last night, instead of tackling a new floral or a Venice cityscape ( not sure which will be next), I painted a small, quick painting from one of my Venice reference photographs: a Venetian Mascarone.

What is a mascarone, will most of you ask.

Also known as decorative keystones, nmascaroni are stone carvings that lie in the middle of the stones that together form an archway, holding them together and completing the strong structure over arched doorways, windows and bridges. Often, especially in the case of Venice‟s keystones, these important puzzle pieces play a decorative role. Over 300 of these mascaroni were catalogued a few years ago in Venice. I must have photographed a dozen or so...this probably means that I will have to return to Venice to photograph the remain 290 or so:-) Those that I photographed are carved heads...there is one in my painting "Venetian Guardian".

This little watercolor  is only 5" X 7"; it has a touch of metallic fluid acrylic on the inscription on the archway. The inscription is not entirely visible on the photograph. It is something like "Dominus custodiat", or "May the Lord ( or master of the house) protect  (you). I rarely paint paintings quickly like this - it was fun. Can you make out the face enough?

Now, what would be a post without a Red Bubble update? Do I hear a collective groan :-)
My recent Dahlia has just been featured in the Painted Nature's group.
 (Added Feb 24) It was also selected a one of the  Best in Show ( Feb 21-24)in Painters Universe:

And, my Springtime in Venice,, that you may not remember from over a year ago, placed in the top ten of a challenge on Spring in "The Painters Universe"group.
Have a great evening!


  1. Love this and yes can see the features in the face of the mascarone just right. Thanks for the lesson- and yes on going back to photograph the remaining 290. I can go with you to keep count!:)
    Congratulations on so many good things coming your way! Well deserved and super talented.

  2. Thank you, Kathy. Yes, you are welcome to come to Venice with me:-)I find that city so fascinating. Now, if I got a sale for every Red Bubble feature, I would go to Venice tomorrow:-)

  3. Nice work Christiane. I hope you get more sales on your Red Bubble features so that you can visit Venice again, and if that happens then we'll see more paintings of Venice,:). Congratulations for the many awards you are receiving. You deserve them.

  4. Wow, Christiane...you're on fire since you retired with all this marvelous work! I just love knowing famous people. Keep up the good work.

  5. Famous? Not even in my own mind:-) I still think that I am not finding enough time to paint. I am still involved with my mother's move to a retirement home...next week. After that, I hope that I will have the discipline to stick to a painting schedule. Thank you as always for stopping by.

  6. Marvellous.. my kind of thing. Have many stone ornaments in and around my house.. I think you have his face just right!

  7. Thank you, Pat. I am glad that you like it! The eyes are not as great as those on your current painting though:-)

    It's incredible that some of these old stone carvings are still in such relatively good condition.