Monday, February 14, 2011

New WIP and another double feature on Red Bubble

Happy Valentine's Days everyone! I am celebrating by doing something for myself- I have spent the morning painting:-)
I finally seem to be getting out of my "procrastination" phase and putting brush to paper again with the aim of producing a painting and not just to playing. Here is the first stage of my new WIP: a dahlia that I photographed in Maine in late September last year. It's not the best reference, that at least it's my own and reminds me of a nice relaxing week near the ocean. At this point, I have put in a dark background and have painted the leaves; the leaves have a prominent role in this painting and this gives me the practice that I certainly need with painting leaves or anything green:-) I have also put in the local color of a few petals. This should be a fairly quick painting; it's small at about 8' X 11" to fit a 11" X 14" frame if it turns out ok.  I won't be trying to create  a "Wow" painting- I just want to have fun painting and getting back into a routine.

My Venetian painting are getting a lot of attention on Red Bubble these days. I have received another double feature for my Venetian Guardian! In the Painters Universe group and in the 100-500 views group.
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Congrats on your work being honored on Red Bubble! The leaves on the dahlia painting already looking good!

  2. Well your little not trying to create a "wow" painting is off to a pretty darn good start- look forward to seeing the coming phases. Just lovely.

  3. Vicki, thank you. I am always terrified of leaves, so try to paint them as often as I can. I have to admit that they are becoming less scary:-)

    Kathy, you made me laugh! Thank you!

  4. Looking good so far - and a wow might just sneak up on you! :) xx

  5. Great start, Christiane...I'm not fond of painting greens either. What are these? I think you are becoming a true fav over at Red Bubble.

  6. Christiane, congratulations on your double feature at Red Bubble! How encouraging! I very much liked your portrait and think the effect you have there is very interesting indeed. Try going with the painting and see where it takes you! Your flower is off to a good start too. Greens are tricky. Good on you for doing them. Happy painting!

  7. Pat, Mollie, Ross: thank you for your much appreciated support!

    Pat, I really admire your optimism:-)What a great quality to have!

    Mollie, the flower is, I believe, a dahlia. The greens are a combination over an under painting of azo yellow: hooker green, some of that super phtalo turquoise that you recommended, a touch of neutral tint. I probably glazed a bit more yellow at some point and even put in a touch of Windsor violet.

    Ross, has your show started? I have decided that this portrait is completed:-) I am relieved to find out that I am not the only one who finds those greens tricky. I think I am getting better at painting them, though.

    Take care all of you. Wishing you good weather!