Sunday, May 30, 2010

Peony 2 WIP

Well, I have been working on another white ( :-) peony, but this time with a picture from Wet Canvas. I still have a large petal to paint, but I have fiddled too much with it tonight...I always do when I don't work in daylight. It is certainly no longer white!!! In the last thirty minutes of painting, I covered most of my whites:-( The big petal on the right hand side is too dark and heavy. The petals do not have enough delicacy and are way too colorful.  However, I like the buds...The picture was taken with a flash and the colors are not really true. I think that the painting looks somewhat better in real life.  Nevertheless, what do you think of it?

I hope that I will be home early enough tomorrow after work to finish it. I think that I am gaining confidence with flowers...I think that I should start a third floral right after this one to keep learning from my errors.

Have a great week, and for all my American friends who have a holiday tomorrow, enjoy!


  1. beautiful christiane the bud looks wonderful against the mass of white petals ... have just visited jacqueline's site thankyou ..your painting below looks excellent .

  2. You have lost your whites but that's not a problem - just heighten your values more = add in more darks and mid tones so the pale color will read as white when it's done. I think you are doing a beautiful job. Don't stress over keeping whites - I've come to the conclusion that it causes too much anxiety and keeps you from really exploring.

  3. Looks white to me! White captures so many other colors. And - a peony - not the easiest flower to paint (even though one of my favorites!) Definitely paint a few more to gain confidence - the more of something you do the more comfortable you will get with the subject. And then you have a "series"!!!!!!

  4. Thank you, ladies ( Jane, Rhonda and Deb)!I won't stress too much over the whites...I cheated last night and regained a few highlights by using my electric eraser here and there. But, I definitely intend to paint a few more. I will try to finish this one tonight, but I promise myself to stop painting once the day light is gone. I don't trust my artificial lighting when I paint.