Saturday, May 15, 2010

Painting along with DVD

As mentioned in my previous post, I have purchased one of Jacqueline Gnott's new DVDs, The Queen - the white peony.  So far, I have watched the DVD twice and have thoroughly enjoyed it: Jacqueline's easy, informal manner, her tips and her great painting.
Now, I have started to paint along. Jacqueline masks the entire flower so that she can focus on the background. My biggest surprise is that she uses tube black instead of mixing her own. I did not have any tube black, so started to mix my own to finally give in and go to my art supply store to purchase a tube of black.

Jacqueline uses many layers of glazing to achieve her very dark background: black with a touch of dark green here and there to create what she calls the "inner glow". She then removes the masking to work on the leaves, leaving the flower for the end. On the picture, the green is not very visible, but it does provide a nice glow behind the flower.

I have finished the background - I have to admit that I have never been able to achieve such a dark, even background before! I have removed the frisket, but I see that my edges were not as good as Jacqueline.  I also notice that some of my pencil lines are no longer very clear.... I will start the leaves later on today...however, I am not sure if I have Jacqueline's patience:-(


  1. I am enjoying your study of Jacqueline Gnott's dvd. Looking forward to your next steps.

  2. This is a great start - I love it when people break the rules (don't use black, don't use white, don't use gouache on it) and their work is just wonderful :) Keep sharing! I'll be checking in again to see how you're doing. What black does she use? I have Lamp Black and a very granulating black - can't recall the name right now but it wouldn't make a smooth wash.

  3. Thank you, Ann. The next step is the leaves - Jacqueline is so patient and does a wonderful job on those leaves. I am a bit scared of that step, but I will do my best.

    Rhonda, Jacqueline uses Lamp Black. I already had a tube of student grade Ivory Black that I had never used, but it has a warm, brownish tone that would not have been suitable.

    I will keep sharing unless my painting turns out really scary:-)

  4. I am glad that you are sharing your dvd adventure. The background looks great! I am looking forward to seeing those leaves.

  5. Great start - I LOVE her work - and this will surely turn out just as beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Vicki and Deb, thank you for the encouragement. Jacqueline works well and so fast! She really makes it look easy. I will post my progress with the leaves later on today...and no, Deb, they are not turning out as beautiful as Jacqueline's... but her DVD is sure helping me.

  7. Hi Christiane! I just 'found' you (and am now a follower). I've been a fan of Jacqueline's for ages, but can't afford her DVDs. I've always wondered how she gets such DARK and SMOOTH backgrounds! It has been interesting reading your blog and thank you so much for sharing what you've learned thus far! I love your work, and look forward to checking out the rest of your blog & art!

    1. Welcome to my blog. Jacqueline is a great artist and teacher. I really love her work.