Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DVD Painting- Update 2

There is definitely something wrong with my paper! I am using my favorite, Arches CP140lb. However, I am finding it blotter-like and almost fuzzy. I can think of at least two things I  have done that may have caused this;
- I sprayed my initial pencil lines with a charcoal fixative made by Pebeo. Jaqueline recommends using a workable fixative by another company....The spray I used may not be made to be painted on top of.  I certainly hope that this is not the case because I have used it on a complex half-sheet drawing of one of my next Venetian scenes.
- I used a hairdryer a lot and this also on top the dried liquid masking. I often use liquid masking, but not on such a large surface. Next time I think that I will use the masking film and use the liquid masking simply to seal the edges. This way, my pencil lines will not be affected.
-Most of my colors have been mixed with the black ( until tonight) and I find the black does not mix well - it is very heavy on the paper ( maybe my layers were too thick)

I  have started the petals. After a few petals painted with a cobalt and black mix, I have now switched to a cobalt and quin pink mix - it applies better than the black and it is more me. Now, I have to ensure that I end up with a unified look and not with 15 petals that seem to belong to 15 different flowers.

I can't repeat enough how I am enjoying Jacqueline's DVD even though my painting is not doing it justice:-) I hope that Jacqueline won't mind that I am showing my progress pictures.


  1. Christiane never understood how pencil marks stay once you use masking fluid. So you are to spray them ummmmmm Love watching you do this and excited to see the ending. It is hard to use black when not used to doing so.

  2. Odd problems??? Wonder if Arches is having sizing problems again??? Your painting is looking very good - any and all problems notwithstanding!!!

  3. Nora, next time I use this technique I will try to get the spray made by W&N to see if it makes a difference.

    I hope that it is not Arches, since that was the first sheet of a package of 5 :-)

    Thank you for the support.It is much appreciated.

  4. Your are moving along, it is looking great!