Sunday, May 2, 2010

Golden Venetian Door on Red Bubble

When I finished Golden Venetian Door last weekend (see previous post), I really was not sure at first if I liked it or not. It was such a departure from what I usually paint. However, I have been looking at it all week and going back to it to add a touch of paint here, a shadow there...and I now really like it! And it's just been featured on Red Bubble.
I think that I will get this one framed professionally: at about 8". X 11", it should not be too expensive :-) I usually frame my paintings myself, with sectional metal frames and a plain mat, but I feel that in some cases a professional framer may be able to bring out more the best in a painting.

Any tips about framing watercolors?


  1. Congratulations and this will be lovely professionally framed.

  2. Well done Christiane. You ask about framing, I usually go for double cream or ivory white mounts so they harmonise with most peoples decor. I like them quite wide - at least 2.5". Sometimes the inner thin mount picks out a colour in the painting. Most curators like quiet frames so they don't clash with other people's work hung nearby and natural woods seem very popular at present. Needless to say, other people's ideas are completely the opposite!!

  3. Chritiane, congratulations on once again being featured on Red Bubble. I really like the piece and you were very brave. I like the neutralized blue-greys against the old red brick of the building, and the aging door.

    Also, belated Happy Birthday!

  4. way to go kiddo.. you are doing awesome!!! this is beautiful!!!

  5. Joan, thank you for sharing your framing tips and preferences. I also like a double mat with a thin color liner; however, I find it hard to do it myself:-)

    Mary, I truly appreciate the birthday wishes. As for being brave, I think it is easy on a small painting...I become very conservative with a larger painting...

    Cindi, you are such an enthusiastic supporter!I really should go to you whenever I need a bit of a boost:-) Thank you, dear lady.