Sunday, February 28, 2010

Venetian shutters-Update 4

 Here is another update showing very little change, but taken without a flash, although still inside.

I need those shadows soon!!!!At this point, I really don't like these colors...too much dull brick color and yellows. It's just does not feel like "me":-)


  1. Christiane, I have great faith that you will pull this together. Great news on your success on Red Bubble!!

  2. Christiane,
    It is developing into a great picture...

  3. Mary, thank you for the vote of confidence for this painting.

    jyothiesethu, thank you! It is coming along, but very slowly.

  4. It looks good up to now, just a little more work and I'm sure a wonderful final painting

  5. they don't look dull christiane looking good ... congratulations re featured painting on RB

  6. Fernando, thank you very much for taking the time to stop by and commenting so nicely.

    Jane, I will work some more on this painting today. I am close to the point where I will be able to add some darks and some more vibrant colors. Keeping my fingers crossed.