Sunday, February 14, 2010

Venetian Shutters: Second pour and direct painting

In spite of all my good intentions, I did very little painting this weekend. I did a second pour for my background, and in the last hour, leaving most of the masking on, started some direct painting ....bad decision. I painted in poor light, and I feel that I have made a mess ( window arch and metal strip on the right hand side, especially)! For some strange reason,  instead of working on my lights, I put in some of the darks in the windows here and there...everything is very disjointed and after working on 300# hot press and cold press, I seem to have forgotten how to apply paint on my dear 140lb cold press :-)
I hope that I will be able to fix the messy parts...but I will get better lighting for working at night.

I wish you all a great week.


  1. How could you be criticising your work so far, even if you havc added darks too soon. I find that quite useful sometimes as I work through a piece as you then know your tonal limits. I am certain it will all come together as you progress.

  2. Sometimes I add darks almost immediately - then you have the whites and darks and can fill in the mediums :) I know, probably not the way most watercolorists work - but this is not ruined and nothing bothers me about it - you will work it all out in your own lovely way (as usual). I think you pushed when you should have let things pull you - we all do it - and now you feel it's not right. But it will be.

  3. Sometimes we get so fustrated when we don't accomplish as much as we had planned. Of course then we try to hurry and catch up ..... I think if you continue working through this one it will all pull together. The colors are very pleasing to my eye.

  4. You have a wonderful start - I agree with Joan about both the darks and your self-critisicm. The darks will help you make decisions about the rest of the painting, and you are WAY to hard on yourself. I do agree about the lighting, though; I would much rather paint with natural light, so don't do much night painting.

  5. My dear blogging and artistic friends:
    I am truly touched by your support and encouragement.
    Joan, you are right - it is probably too early to criticize my own work.

    Rhonda, you are also right: I really did push instead of letting the painting pull me along.

    Vicki: I did hurry and forgot to think before applying color!

    And finally, Deb.You are right on all counts:-)

    I have to remind myself that, after all, this is only paper, and if I don't like how this painting is going I can start it over, throw it away or use it for some wild experiment:-)

    Thank you so much, ladies. You are all great.