Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Still Have the Abstract Fever:-)

Yes, I still have the abstract fever. Below is my third in a row and is my favorite so far I think. It is called "Play Time" and is an acrylic original on a 24" x 30" deep gallery wrapped canvas. Yellow has never been one of my colors, but the soft creamy yellow here corresponds to my desire to see Spring finally here.

The painting is currently at the Kevin Dodds Gallery in Ottawa, Canada, but it is also available through DailyPaintworks. Kevin Dodds ships worldwide.

Don't ask me how I painted evolved on its own, layer on top of layer...I hope you like it.


  1. You described perfectly this abstract and what makes it work. Good abstracts aren't planned and formulas for creation near impossible to explain as the painting evolves constantly without prediction.

    With so many really poor abstracts currently "in vogue" and the belief that paint can simply be slapped on a support and called art, its good to see a well executed piece that has layers and though behind it. Keep going with them!

    1. Jeanette, I thank you for your detailed comment. I totally agree that too often painters believe they can simply throw paint on a big canvas and can call it art. One painter has told me many times that he thinks I am crazy to spend so much time on a painting while in one hour he can cover a 48" x 48" canvas and slap a $1700 price tag on it. He and I certainly don't agree on the value of his results though:-)
      I really enjoyed creating this abstract. I am starting another but feel totally unsure of myself...the last one may have been just a lucky fluke.
      I admire your art greatly, so your comments mean a lot to me.
      Have a great weekend.