Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My New Tapestry Series - Acrylic and gold leaf

My 2016 started with the creation of a new series: original acrylics and gold leaf paintings on Claybord panels. They all have a leaf motif and negative painting technique. Three types of gold leaf add richness to the surface which has a glossy finish. These are mostly intuitive paintings and I find this technique so liberating and so much fun.
So far, these paintings have been fairly small, either 8" x 10 or 11' x 14'. I am looking for the courage to move to a larger size...the claybord is a rather expensive surface, especially in Canada, so I can't afford to ruin any:-)
Here are a few photos. Please let me know what you think.
Floating Tapestry - SOLD

Jewel Tapestry - Sold

Sunshine Tapestry - More info

Fiery Tapestry -More info

Autumn Extravagance - Sold
Golden Oak Tapestry - SOLD

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