Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Watercolor Commission Almost Completed

Scottie, the Green Man
I have almost finished this large commission which will be framed at  approx. 25" h x 41" w. You may remember a small study I did of this over a year ago of the central portion. This represents a beautiful stone carving in front of the RJW Stone Mason company in Ottawa. I have completed commissions of two other carvings on the facade of their headquarters ( Pierre, the Green Man, and Angus, the Green Man).
I took over a year to finish this commission and ran into problems because of this...the masking would not come off, glue from tape was transferred to the paper etc...Fortunately, I managed to fix most of the problems The painting has a few small resulting flaws, but I hope the client will still be happy with it.
One of these days, I will redo this painting and do it within just a few weeks and not procrastinate the way I I often do for commissions.

What about you? Do you rush to finish commissions, or like me, do you procrastinate?


  1. So glad to see another of your carving paintings - they are TREMENDOUS! Absolutely love all the colors used in them - I'm sure the company loves having these beautiful paintings to represent their work.

    1. Thank you so much, Deb, for your support and great encouragement. I appreciate that so much!

  2. Christiane, you should be very happy with this piece. I, too, dread doing commissions. For me, it is much easier to paint something I envision myself, than painting something requested by another person. It's the passion within me that comes out best in myart.

    My latest masking fluid came with a warning to remove within a week's time, so I can imagine the trouble you encountered if weeks had gone by. One of those "oh darn!" moments. You recovered nicely.

    I enjoyed your colorful dog and all of your negative paintings.

    1. The great thing about commission, I suppose, is that it forces you sometimes to paint something you would not paint otherwise...and it becomes a learning experience.
      I left the masking fluid on for months, not, you can imagine the problems I had.
      Thank you as always Mary for your great support and encouragement. I appreciate that so much.
      Take care.