Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Gatineau Hills Ballet" -

"Gatineau Hills Ballet" - 24" x 24" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

My obsession with negative painting continues with this latest addition to my "Leaves" series. This is the largest painting of the series so far; it is 24" x 24" on a deep gallery wrapped canvas.

 My neighborhood has dozens of gorgeous old oak trees and during my walks I always find myself admiring their beautiful leaves... and when I return home, I find myself wanting to paint them.  These days I am also obsessed with painting swirls, mazes, tangles.....I hope all of these don't make you dizzy:-)
I will be offering prints of this painting on Fine Art America for a short while in ..landscapes art.This painting is too heavy to ship:-)

Let me know what you think.
I hope that you are enjoying nice autumn weather where you are. Best of all, take care!


  1. I think this painting is full with movement and energy. I want to dive into these leaves. So great that you find inspiration all around you.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Irina. Yes, there is a lot of movement in this painting...I was afraid that it would make people dizzy:-)
      The fall is such a beautiful season...I could paint fall leaves all year round!

  2. This looks like something Van Gogh would have painted during a Canadian autumn! Beautiful and so full of energy, not dizzying at all just fun!

    1. I love your comment, Rhonda even if Van Gogh may not agree:-) Yes, it was a fun painting to work on!