Monday, August 13, 2012

Searching for next painting...

I don't have any new painting to show today. I do have two commissions to work on, but I have also been looking through my photo references looking for my future paintings. Since I am always attracted to architectural pieces, I naturally love reviewing my photos from my trips to Venice. I have painted quite a few over the last few years: mascarone, gondolas, doors ( many, many doors :-).
Here are a few of my Venetian photos to let you dream with me:
Doge's Palace

Heart of Venice
Venetian Reflection

This last photo is one that I would really like to paint one of these days. Meanwhile, I have uploaded several of my venice art photos to FineArtAmerica where you can see thousands of photos of Venice. It is a bit humbling to see how other photographers and artists have captured the magic of this unique city.
I am hoping to go to Venice for three or four days at the beginning of November and, if so,  I intend to take hundreds and hundreds of photos for a lifetime supply of photo references.

I hope to have a new WIP to show you soon. Happy painting!

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