Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Textures Study: Midnight in the Enchanted Forest

Midnight in the Enchanted Forest

This 12" X 12" mixed media abstract is the result of a study in textures. Over the past few weeks, I kept trying out a mixed media technique in one corner of the pine panel, then a few days later, another technique in another spot. I really did not have a finished painting in mind...but yesterday, while looking at the panel, I thought that somehow all those separate elements were somewhat coming together and  I saw " an enchanted forest at midnight":-).

Apart from the fluid acrylic paints, I have used heavy textures with modeling paste, lighter textures with crystalline paper, rice paper, various acrylic gels and medium.

This has given me ideas for other experiments that I want to do...

I really enjoy these experiments that are so much without any pressure...pure fun!

Let me know if you do see an enchanted forest....something else...or nothing :-) in this painting.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. For me, I thought about space and the heavens. If the Creator of the world is female, then She would make space have these beautiful textures and shapes and colors :)

    1. Rhonda, I see it too, now that you mention it. That's probably how She made space look:-) Thank you for your insight!

  2. A night sky, a treasure chest deep in the ocean and yes, an enchanted forest. Those rich purples and golds are perfect and aren't textures such fun to play with?

  3. A treasure chest in the ocean...with your love of the ocean, Jeanette, I understand why you see this:-) And yes, I love playing with textures and in fact, it is so much like playing that I almost feel guilty that I am not "producing":-) I certainly love the textures that you have been creating lately with your encaustic medium.

  4. What a fun painting, I love it! Rhonda said what I was thinking . . . it makes me think of space and the universe. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these paintings :)