Friday, January 7, 2011

Fuschias -Completed for now

I have completed my Fuschias painting at least for the time being. As I am looking at the photo that I have taken, I see the need for some adjustments: for example, the horizontal stems at the center top portion are too light and are distracting.

What do I like about this painting or what did I enjoy about the process:
- I like the addition of the colors in the leaves.
-I really enjoyed working one petal at a time
-I enjoyed applying glazes on the petals - I am becoming more comfortable doing this.

What do I still find difficult:
- leaves and greens are not my strength

What do I want to work on:
- putting in a very dark and solid background is probably the easy way out
. I want to work on dark backgrounds that show more of a glow around the main subject

Remaining questions:
- is this painting too busy?
- are the highlights too distracting?
- are the colors clean enough especially in the large leaves? Should I have tried to apply more sections in one dark brushstroke rather than with so much layering?

I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about this.
I will eventually post for purchase it in my Artist International Gallery


  1. I enjoy glazing - I believe it gives more depth to the painting.
    Greens - I like mixing my own rather than tube colors - or add another color to a tube green (my favorites right out of the tube are Daniel Smith rich green gold, olive and jadeite).
    Not too busy; tone down some highligts on right side to make focus on the left flowers.
    Your question about the leaves - one stroke vs. glazing is just an artist choice - I'm not good at getting things in one stroke, but some are able to tell it all that way.
    As far as "clean" - learn about your paints to keep your colors clean while glazing.
    Hope some of this helps - your paintings are excellent.

  2. Thanks Deb for taking the time to answer my questions and to comment.

    Since the DS colors are not available locally, I have tried very few of them. I should probably order a few tubes.

    I enjoy glazing more and more as I am getting better at it:-)

    I will try to tone some of the highlights on the right side. Thank you for lending me "a fresh eye".

  3. I didn't even notice those horizontal stems. I think they're fine. I admire the contrast of lightness to darkness. It's very good!

  4. Thank you, Katherine, for your comment. Your current painting showing a piece of knitting is simply incredible! Wow!

  5. The painting is lovely, Christiane. I don't think it's too busy and I like Deb's suggestion of focusing the eye on the left by toning down some of the highlights on the right - that left bud really glows. You look to be a master at glazing and it does provide a lovely glow.

    You might enjoy checking out the website of a friend of mine, Jane Kwant. Like you, she does lovely florals and she spends many hours creating a beautiful surface quality:

  6. I am taking the time to go through your posts .. and enjoying it so much. The subject is beautiful and you've captured it..

  7. I love this one and think the leaves are as beautiful as the flowers. I am not a watercolor painter so can't tell you much except that this is lovely and the colors are beyond that! So good!

  8. Hey
    Christiane thankyou for taking the time to share your critique of this with us. I agree about the lines and see what you mean. I like the addition of color in your leaves. I find green challenging too. Your glazing is well done. I know what you mean when you talk about dark bgs that glow. This is beautiful so bravo.

  9. Christiane you did a good self critique and then Deb added some polish. This is a good painting. I think you did a great job on the leaves.

  10. Mary, the work of your friend Jane Kwant is amazing! I will now be a frequent visitor to her website!Thank you.

    Barbra Joan, I am glad that you like the posts. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment!

    Kathy, you are too kind!

    Nora, I will work on those two horizontal stems. It's interesting that, as soon as we look at our work on the computer, we notice imperfections that we had not noticed before. I really appreciate your support.

    Thank you very much, Vicki.I really enjoyed working on this painting.

  11. I agree about the horizontal lines and would like to see more of that luscious reddish color you used in the larger vines there, too. I like this and it's not too busy. Glazing and layering are techniques many people use to get depth in a painting - nothing wrong with that. I think this is a winner :)

  12. Oh, thank you, Rhonda! Painting those horizontal stems that reddish color is a splendid idea. I am so glad that you like this painting- I really respect your opinion.

  13. I have to say I find the best way for me to get rich darks is to glaze, glaze and then glaze some more lol. I really like this, I do not find it too busy. I think everything that needed to be said has already been said :)

  14. Krista, thank you. I always hesitate to put too many layers on in fear that the result will look too heavy. I suppose the trick is to keep applying thin layers. I am glad that you like this painting...apart from a few imperfections, I like it too:-) I rarely say this:-)

  15. Coming late to this, I don't think I can add anything new.
    The painting is excellent.
    I love the way you can talk yourself through what you've learned and need to learn. That's a wonderful ability.

  16. Never too late, Pat. I always enjoy your visits! I still have so much to learn that it is easy to identify a learning need with each painting:-)

  17. christiane beautifully painted ..the passion looks excellent on the screen

  18. Thank you so much Jane. All my best wishes to you for the new year.

  19. Tried to send comment earlier so you may get this twice, been off blog lately but update text added last week. How ever do you achieve such glowing colours?

    1. Joan, it is so so nice to hear from you!
      Thank you for your compliment. I don't remember how I painted this painting, but I think that leaving a lot of white highlights really helped!
      Welcome back!