Sunday, January 2, 2011

First 2011 Post and Update 3 Fuschia WIP

Amazing...we are already getting used to saying "2011" instead of 2010, but Y2K seems almost like yesterday. How time goes by quickly!  Another good reason to plan our activities for the new year...if we don't know where we want to be in 12 months, how could we ever get there? In the next week or so, I will sit down and set my goals and priorities for the coming months.

I already have two resolutions concerning my artistic activities:

1. regain the risk-taking attitude I had when I first started to paint in watercolors.

Rhonda and Mollie commented on my last post and suggested that I use more colors. This made me realize that lately my work has not shown the bold use of colors that could often be found in my early works...Have I become too cautious and am not taking enough risks with color? After all, it's only paper and each painting should be a chance to push our own limits a bit more...
2. learn something totally new.

I have signed up for an online class called "Texture Town" which deals with creating textures in acrylics. I have  purchased some of the supplies and have watched most of the videos, but I have not yet started any of the exercises. I intend to start in about two weeks and hopefully I will have something to show on my blog soon after.

Meanwhile, I have worked some more on my Fuschia WIP and, as per resolution # 1, have added more colors especially in the leaves area - mostly violets and some blues as well as almost invisible hints of pink ( yes, I am still being careful). Does this improve the painting? I am not sure at it now too busy? I think that up close it is more interesting....what do you think?

Please note that there are still some unpainted areas at the top. The next WIP should show the finished painting.


  1. I really like the additional color in the leaves. I think it adds interest and acts as a bridge between the flowers and leaves. Looking really good! Your online class sounds like so much fun. I have no experience with acrylics and this looks like a neat way to learn about them and the price is terrific. It is on my favorites list so that I can go back to it once I have a bit of extra time.

  2. Vicki, thank you for your helpful comments. The online class has no timelines - you start when you want and upload your work/ask for feedback when you want! That's exactly what I need:-) It would be a lot of fun if you signed up also!

  3. Color, color, coloro - the more the merrier! The painting is coming to life - go for it!

  4. Thank you, Deb! I will see if I can go wild with color...well a little bit wild:-)

  5. I really like the difference that adding the extra color made- awesome. I just love your work- these are beautiful!

  6. It's not a huge change but the change you made by adding a few more colors really ties it all together better, I think. That class sounds interesting - can you give us more info?

  7. This is coming along marvelously, Christiane. The colors added in the greens made a big difference. I'm curious though to hear what you think? Do you like the painting better with more color?

  8. I am glad that you all seem to prefer the painting with more color. Personally, I do find it more interesting, especially up close.

    I was looking at the painting this morning from a distance and discovered something else missing needs more touches of warm colors...more orange perhaps in the petals. I will try to add this warmth in the remaining petals.

    As for the class, Texture Town, it is composed of 12 lessons. Each one has at least 1 video and a PDF file. The output is at least 11 paintings, all with the same palette of muted colors to convey the texture of stones, peeling plaster walls, etc. Some of the topics include:
    -implied texture : stamps, stencils
    - texture through layering of heavy gel medium and addition of collage material
    Participants are encouraged to upload their paintings and request feedback. There is no time limit: join when you want and work at your own pace. The price at less than $70 is certainly right.
    As I start to do the exercises, I will post more info on that class...but it sounds quite interesting!

  9. Love the more colours - they add more depth.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

  10. Thank you, Pat. I hope to be able to post the finished painting by Wed. at the latest - I have to go out of town tomorrow.

  11. When I read your intro, Christine, I had to smile. While looking through some of my work from several years ago (you know how we all just pile things up), I noticed that my colors were a bit cleaner and fresher than I seem to be using now. And, like you, I wondered if I could get that quality back...just like you mentioned that you used more color when you first started. We're all so different...yet we're all so much the same when it comes to finding our own styles. Very interesting indeed.

    The painting is looking your touch in the flowers. I also think the added colors add greatly to your leaves...makes my eyes travel around more. Can't wait to see this finished.

  12. Mollie, in this creative journey, I hope that, if sometimes we lose our initial freshness, we make it up by improving in many other ways... At least, I certainly hope so! However, if we are talking about the freshness and purity of any of your reds, let me assure you that cleaner and fresher is not possible:-)

    Thank you for your nice comments about this painting. It is almost finished, but I won't be able to paint tomorrow, so I will be posting the finished version most likely on Wednesday.
    I hope that 2011 has started very well for you!

  13. I am waiting for this painting to be finished and yet to see more of your creative work in future. all the best!

  14. I like the addition of color to it. It is really popping now.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and I like your resolutions

  15. Yes I agree with the comments here that adding more colors to your fuschia made it livelier and striking. I love colors. Thank you for posting your WIP which allows me somehow to learn from your work. I have been visiting your blog although this is only my second time to make comment here. I'm just new in watercolor painting. And surely I learn a lot from nice bloggers like you. Happy 2011.

  16. Megha, Hopefully I will be able to post the finished painting very soon. Please visit again.

    Gary, thank you! I am glad that you like the painting so far. All my best to you for 2011...I will try to keep my resolutions:-)

    Cora, I am so pleased that you find the postings helpful. I certainly learn a lot by visiting other art blogs. I really appreciate it when visitors take the time to leave a comment. Thank you!

  17. Your work really does deserve all these comments and I add my congrats to the recent Red Bubble award. Its so good to see the fuschia developing in stages.

  18. Joan, you are always so kind and supportive. Thank you!