Monday, September 27, 2010

Follow the Leader...Finished for now

I am spending a restful week in Maine, right on the ocean. Unfortunately, it has rained all day today and we are expecting more of the same tomorrow. Nevertheless, I am enjoying my vacation away from work.
I spent a few minutes this afternoon finishing my Cherry/Crab Apples painting.  It probably needs a few more finishin touches, but I will call it finished for now at least.
The picture was taken inside with my small camera - the colors may be quite off on your monitor.
If we have a sunny day before we go back home, I will try to get pictures of waves ans seagulls to share.


  1. Even with the picture taken inside that lace looks delightful. Have a wonderful and restful vacation.

  2. I just love your lace series - they look so delicate xx

  3. Thank you very much, Vicki and Pat.I rarely say this, but I think this painting looks much better in real life than on this picture. I am also using my laptop rather than my regular computer and for some reason cannot upload directly to Blogger from my desktop...had to post to another site, then use the URL etc...this is the reason why the picture does not appear in the blog rolls:-)
    It is very foggy here this morning in southern Maine, but at least for the moment it is not raining - I hope to be able to get some good pictures before I return home.
    Take care!

  4. Beautiful. I love the delicacy of the lace against the beautiful fleshy fruit.

    Good news on ARTALEE. I will follow.

    We've been in the same general area -- I leave New England for home today. More to follow when I have a better keyboard.

  5. This is a lovely composition.

  6. Just beautiful, Christiane. Love the way you've shown the wood grain in the lace holes.

  7. Mary, I wish we could have met since we were so close...Maybe next year:-)
    AK, thank you. I am glad that you like the composition.
    Mollie, I truly appreciate your continued support.