Saturday, September 25, 2010

Discover Krista Hasson on ARTALEE

For my second feature as curator of ARTALEE, I have chosen a fellow Canadian artist blogger, Krista Hasson, whose work I find simply breathtaking. I have posted a few of my favorites by Krista so that those who don't already know her will have a idea of the range of her talent. I hope that you will go and have at the post then go see what Krista is painting now.


  1. What a fantastic idea Christiane. Congratulations on being chosen curator! That is so fantastic! I spend so much time looking at artists on the web and now can go to Artalee first! Hooray! It has been so long since i've done anything with my blog it was such a treat to drop by this morning and to discover this. I just was gobsmacked by Fabio's work. Okay, i am going back now to watch his demo. Krista's work is gorgeous too. Great choices..
    Hope you are well and painting, painting, painting.

  2. Thank you Christiane, you are too kind :)

  3. Ross, I always love your enthusiasm and I will certainly try not to let you down. I have not been painting and painting lately, but I am starting a week off and plan to paint a lot. I am spending the week in Maine, by the ocean: this should give me lots of inspiration:-)

    Krista, I am glad that you liked the post. I hope that it will make even more people aware of your great work and talent. Take care.

  4. Krista is a great choice, Christine...when I added her to my favorites, it sure made it easier to see "What's Krista Painting Now"...that's supposed to be a play on something or other.....

  5. Christiane, congratulations on your curator position. I'm so excited for you and look forward to seeing all the artist and their work.