Sunday, March 14, 2010

Venetian Shutters: Latest update

I have made just a little progress on this painting: the posts in the water and some darks here and there. I will not be working on it for over a week because I am going on a short vacation...guess where? My favorite city in the world Venice, then Florence. I will have limited access to the internet, but will try to check a few blogs.

Here is the latest version of Venetian shutters. It was photographed inside, so the colors may not be quite accurate.
I am also including the photograph used for inspiration so that you can compare the two at this stage.
 Take care.


  1. Have a fantastic trip - and return with hundreds more reference photos. And this painting is delicious - the colors are so beautifully chosen and applied (so much better than the photo colors)!.

  2. Rhonda, I am leaving with two cameras and all kinds of memory cards:-) Unfortunately, the weather forecasts for the coming week are not too great, at least for taking pictures.
    You are very kind when you mention that my painting is well applied...I always feel that I am too slopppy.
    Take care and I will share some pictures upon my return.

  3. Colors! They are so special and so sunny.

  4. Hi Christiane, it looks marvellous!

    Have a great time away.. remember your promise to me when you get to St Mark's.. :)
    You lucky girl you!!!!
    Have fun!!!

  5. Christiane,
    the result is fantastic...
    happy to see the original reference photo also...

  6. Christiane, thanks for checking in my blog. A bit of insomnia due to late night caffeine freed up some time to visit my blog friends.

    I am really liking the progress you are making here. I finally realized that I too painted this very scene from a photo I shot on one of my Venice visits, but not successfully like you. Can't wait to see more.

  7. Wow - thats a long trip from Canada. I was there last summer and loved every aspect. I have yet to use my myriad of photos to create a painting - can't think why except good old Father Time. Have a great trip. Ignore the forecast - just believe they are always wrong!!!
    Thanks for posting the photo that inspired your atest Italian piece - you sure are making a find interpreetation of it. Only thoughts are that the ochre righthand building is a bit citric in colour in the painting at present, but I am sure you have plans to add another wash.

  8. Ooops! its me again - sorry for three typing errors, but I guess you know what I mean by 'atist' and of course 'find' should have been 'fine' and thats a weird way to spell 'interpretation' !!!

  9. Irina,I am glad that you like the colors in this painting even though they are nothing like in the photograph.

    Perugina, I did salute Piazza San Marco for you!

    Jyothisethu,thank you for the very nice comment.

    Mary, what a coincidence that we both decided to paint the same scene. I looked for this place last week in Venice, but I could not remember where it was:-)

    Joan, Venice is indeed far from Ottawa, Canada. The flight back seems endless:-) I have put another wash on the yellow today and will post the result. It is still quite lemon in spit of the ochre wash.

  10. It is always nice to see the inspiration photo next to the painted image. Lovely warm colors in your painting. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Maria, thank you very much for stopping by. I have just visited your blog and am very impressed by your work, especially your portraits.