Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More fun and publicity on Red Bubble

My recent painting Springtime in Venice was chosen as the cover image for the current Works on Paper group challenge on the Red Bubble site. Thank you again, Red Bubble for all the great publicity!
This is a fun-type of challenge where the top winners are chosen by fellow artists. The Prizes? Usually just the fun of participating and the thrill of winning.

I have been looking through my hundreds of Venice pictures and trying to decide on which one to use as my next inspiration. Here is one that has a lot of potential...Nice contrast of light and shadows, nice architectural details. I know that I will paint this one day.


  1. Look forward to seeing this one - lucky you to have gone to Venice. My daughter went a few years ago and got some great photos that she lets me "use"!!! (Lots of pastels in this one, for sure!)

  2. Deb,
    Keep those pictures of Venice! They can be such a great source of inspiration.
    When I paint this one, I will also try to get some good darks...that's what I find hard to do.
    I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and comment. I hope that you will visit often in 2010 and we can swap pictures :-)

  3. Christiane, I love that Red Bubble is recognizing your work on its site. I agree, too, that this photo would make a great painting. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. Hi, Mary.
    Red Bubble is a very nice online community. The recognition / publicity received on that site is appreciated since there are soooooooooooo many artists there. This publicity does not automatically result in sales, unfortunately, since the high selling items at Red Bubble are usually the t-shirts, not the artwork. Nevertheless, it's quite fun.

    I have started a sketch from another picture...I am not sure which one I will do first.

    All my best Mary!

  5. This will surely be another winner! Hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you Krista for the vote of confidence...but I can't promise anything:-)
    Happy New Year to you also.

  7. happy new year!! congrats on the recognition.. its well deserved!! this will make a fabulous painting, will be wathcing!! :)

  8. Happy new year to you, Cindi. May 2010 be very good to you and your loved ones.
    I have started this painting and I am finding it quite challenging. I will try to post some updates before too long.

  9. Hi Christiane

    Congrats on your recognition in Red Bubble. Happy New Year. Yep like Cindi can't wait to see this finished.

  10. Hi Nora,
    My best wishes to you for the New Year. I am currently working on this painting and it is presently very ugly! I hope that it won't stay that way:-)