Monday, December 28, 2009

Finding one's own style

Do you have a distinct painting style? Can you describe it without hesitation? Does it reflect your personality and is it really you?

I am still looking for mine. I think that I often confuse personal painting style with favorite painting techniques. I enjoy pouring techniques using some initial masking;I try to let colors blend on the paper as I did in the painting below, Venetian Guardian. Does that describe my style?
Last night, for the third time, I watched Nick Simmons video, Innovative Media, and kept telling myself: that's how I like to paint. But then, I read about Sandy Maudlin's batik techniques, and say: " That's how I would like to paint". I suppose that these are proofs that I am still searching for my own style and am letting others influence me too much.

One of my goals for 2010 is to try to be really "me" in everything I paint.
What are your artistic resolutions for the New Year?


  1. The STYLE you have will come forth no matter which technique you use to get there. It's inside you, just like your own handwriting. After struggling with 'not having my own style because I liked so many different techniques,' I finally realized that no matter how I painted something, as long as I was painting it from my own inspiration and excitement, that MY STYLE would be evident.

    Keep painting...because those hours of painting release your style. Already your brush stroke is different than anyone elses. If your goal is to become well known, stick to only one technique to be recognized for that. Otherwise, paint whatever and however you want, making sure that you are always growing and learning. You are doing so well, and I look forward to your next painting.

  2. Sandy, thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights:"As long as I was painting ...from my own inspiration and style would be evident." This makes a lot of sense! I now feel that I can try other artists' painting techniques without feeling that I am being untrue to myself:-)

    My goal is not to become well known, but to be pleased with what I paint, to gain enjoyment, satisfaction from my painting. I need this creative outlet to feel balanced and whole.

    It is not only through practice, but also through the inspiration and support provided by artists like you that I learn and will continue to learn. Thank you.

    My best wishes for the New Year !

  3. Hi Christiane! Since you haven't been painting a long time, it's natural to not have a style yet. There is so much to learn (and you should never stop learning!) so it's natural to be involved more with technique - that's what you have to learn first in order to know what you like and what works for you - in order to develop your own style! But - you may already be evolving your style - lots of soft pastels and a dream-y quality is what I see!
    You will find artists whose work you enjoy and may want to incorporate some of what they do into your paintings. But even when you do that, you will be putting your own "spin" on things.
    I agree with Sandy - paint what you want and enjoy it. Believe me, if you start to paint what you THINK you should be painting you lose the enjoyment. Try everything to see what works and what you like, but mostly - just have FUN.

  4. Sandy said it perfectly. Don't confuse style with technique. Your style comes through with whatever technique you use. Also, it is easier for others to recognize your style than it is for you to see it. I love what you are doing!

    I'll have to determine my painting goals for 2010 by next Tuesday because Sandy will be asking everyone in class. She writes them down and reminds us of last years'.

  5. Deb,
    You are right - the important is to have fun painting. You are right about the pstels...I always seem to return to them or at least give them a special role in my paintings.

    Kathy, thank you for your support! Good luck with determining your painting goals. I hope that you will share some of these with your blogging friends.

  6. muy buena acuarela