Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Dazzling Series

As I am working on another Venetian door -surprise!- Meanwhile, I will post a painting from another series I keep returning to: The Dazzling Pears series. These are fun paintings where I try to be more spontaneous and slightly more daring. I started with ordinary pouring technique; then I added a bit of masking, then a lot of masking to produce a semi-abstract design. I would now like to push this approach a bit further...maybe removing some of  the masking halfway through the pouring, adding more masking....whatever combination I can think of.

When I work on one of these small watercolors, the world around me completely disappears for a short time, the notion of time is non-existent - I am totally focused on the play of colors, the movement of the paint, the transformation that takes place on the paper.  This has to be good body, soul and mind!

I am so grateful that art can bring me such pleasure.

Here are examples of these dazzling pears:

Dazzling Single
     Original watercolor painting
     Arches 140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper
     Size: 6.25" X 8.5"
     Matted to fit an 11"X14" frame
     Original and note cards available
The Amigos
Arches 140lbCP watercolor paper
Size: approx 7" X 9"
Original in private collection
Note cards available


  1. There is a certain energy and freedom to these paintings. I hope you do explore more of the pouring and masking and playing with that.

  2. hey christiane.. are these fun??... love the almost abstract feel of it!! now you can be the pear door lady... keep em' coming!!

  3. How visually appealing, as mouth-watering and delectable as the fruit itself!
    Love the delicious shadow play in The Amigos.
    Your use of masking fluid to achieve the abstract forms interacting with and over the top of the single pear captures the viewers attention immediately. Your eye keenly exploring the shape/s echoing branch like structures as it radiates outwards dropping you into the rich ripeness of the fruit!
    Two delightful, yummy paintings!

  4. Really interesting, Christiane - I love the abstract shapes with the delicious pear. Keep pushing this approach -- can't wait to see what you do next!

  5. Rhonda, thank you for stopping by again. I intend to keep on exploring the possibilities offered by combining the pouring and the masking. I am probably looking for "happy accidents" more than an exact methodology:-)

    Cindi, lol...I am not sure what is better/worse: being the "door lady" or the "pear lady".

    Perugina, thank you for once again turning your poet's eye on my paintings. I truly appreciate this poetic dimension that you added to my mundane pears.

    Mary, I really appreciate the encouragement. Hopefully, this weekend I will have time to have fun with the pouring and the masking...I will keep my fingers crossed for some interesting results.

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to look at my blog and commenting. Your messages are the highlight of my internet time and encourage me to keep on painting.

  6. Christiane I find these interesting. I really like painting pears too. Never thought of pouring or adding masking fluid. Very interesting technique can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  7. Thank you so much, Vicki, for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. I hope that you will visit again.