Friday, September 11, 2009

And what if I became "the Door Lady"?

As I have probably mentioned before, about 18 months ago I fell in love with Venice...and its thousands of canal doorways with their flaking paint and plaster, their centuries-old brickwork, but also with such elegant lines and intricate ironwork. I have enough pictures of these doors for two life-times of paintings. So far, I have painted only 3 Venetian canal doorways and 1 Venetian attic door, but I have at least a dozen in my head. I have a lot of painting joy ahead!

"You don't want to be known as the Door Lady", warns my son, my most regular art critic."Paint something else!" But, Monet did not tire of his waterlilies, Van Gogh painted his bedroom in Arles several times. Do I not learn more about light and texture with each new door? Is versatility a necessity? Isn't the joy I feel when I paint these doors what really counts?

"People commission tasteful nudes of themselves to put in their bathrooms. That's what you should paint!" This suggestion is from my daughter, another of my art critics. Should one strive to be trendy just to sell more? Well, I don't feel like painting for someone's bathroom. I would probably sell more, but my art would not really be "me".

Perhaps everyone will sigh with boredom at the sight of another of my watercolor Venetian doors, but as long as painting them brings me so much joy, I will risk being called "that Door Lady".

Here is the third of my Venice doorways: "Only in Venice".

Arches watercolor paper
140lb cold pressed
professional grade W&N and Da Vinci watercolor paints.
15” X 19” approx. Can be matted to fit a 20" X 24” frame.
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Original still available from artist.
Note cards printed by artist also available


  1. Painting what you love, what grabs your attention, works better than anything else I know. And I so share your love for Venice. We were there for 4 days this time last year. So many pictures to paint...and we'll both be having fun!

  2. Sandy,
    You are absolutely right: if something does not speak to the artist, it probably won't speak to the viewer.
    I really look forward to seeing your Venice paintings!

  3. You are so right! Paint that moves you to paint and learn from each painting. I think Van Gogh and Monet would approve :)

  4. love the colors... christiane.. i think when you paint waht you ove it shows.. and these are a great example of that.. good going!!

  5. Thank you, Cindi. I think I sometimes get carried away with the colors :-)

  6. If becomeing "The Door Lady" means that you will paint more of these then please become "The Door Lady".

  7. Vicki,
    This is the sweetest comment...Thank you!