Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Protector - WIP - Last part

The Protector

My new mascarone is basically finished...some fine tuning left to do. Do I like it? Hum...he is somewhat colorful and busy with the play of dark shadows on his face...his eyes are somewhat eerie... I think that he reminds me of a lion:-)

The more I look at him, the more I like him...It's hard to forget his eyes...I wonder what he has seen over these last four hundred years:-)

He will be framed under glass with a white mat to a final size of 20" X 24".He is painted on 300lb CP Fabriano that I was trying for the first time. I love that paper - it allows very easy lifting and takes a lot of abuse.

I am calling him The Protector ( my daughter's idea)  in part because of the latin word appearing on the right hand side of the arch "custodiat" - probably for something like "May the Lord ( the master of the house etc) protect ....He will be part of my "Memories of Venice" series.

Well, I had lots of fun painting this and I am sure that I have learned something at the same time. That is what is really important.

Your opinion?
Have a great Sunday evening.


  1. He's fantastic!!! Love him being so colorful and yes, his eyes are eerie. He's scare me away! LOL!

  2. Great painting! And a well chosen name!

  3. This is really skillfully done. I like the color combination, and I think there's nothing more to improve. And nice title also.

  4. Love him! The shadows are gorgeous - and he does look leonine! xx

  5. Deb, Jayne, Judy,Cora and Pat: Thank you so much for your kind comments. They are truly appreciated.
    When I got up this morning and looked at The Protector I liked him...last night, I was not so sure:-)

  6. Christiane...I think this is even stronger than the first - it has such visual/emotional impact and the strong colors really work.
    Barb Sailor

  7. Thank you, Barb! In fact, this is the 3rd mascarone: the first was The Gate Keeper, but this is indeed the 2nd of the same mascarone, but from a different angle. I have sold its companion piece...they would have looked good together:-)
    The more I look at it, the more I like it. I have just framed it and I am bringing it straight to the Foyer Gallery for a show starting on Wednesday.
    I feel more confident about this painting with comments from artists like you, Barb. Thank you!

  8. Christiane...this guy is the very best of the three you've painted...and I liked the others. Love the strong colors and the mingling of colors all over. The "straight on" composition really makes this one exude strength...just like a protector. Great title...great painting. This should sell very quickly...and I'm happy that it is this large. It'll make a wonderful statement.

  9. Mollie, I am thrilled that you like this guy! His eyes are not perfect, but he does "exude strenght", as you said.
    I am tempted to redo it as a large varnished watercolor in a cropped version showing just the head...
    Thank you so much for your continued support.

  10. Another handsome piece to remind me of my three visits to Venice. Love the place, and you so capture the light, the art, the architecture, and the layers of history. Keep them coming, Christiane.

  11. Mary, I love Venice also. I don't think I have any other good picture references of mascaroni...I simply have to go back to Venice soon:-)

  12. I read your first lines and now I am afraid you can fall in love with him))
    But he is really worth it! Amazing work and amazing feel of color, light and shade. Great.

  13. Irina, I think that you are right...I have fallen in love with him...whether he is worth it or not:-)