Sunday, October 16, 2011

New WIP and update

Here is the painting I am currently working on. It is another Venetian mascarone ( sculpted head found over arched doorways of Venetian palazzos). In fact, it is from a picture of the same mascarone as my last one, but from a different perspective and the pictures were taken a year apart:-)
I am just starting to work on the head itself and I am realizing that it is going to be very difficult and I am not sure that my color choice was a good one :- ( I  was hoping to get this painting finished successfully by the end of this coming week in order to enter it in an upcoming show at the Foyer Gallery called "Memories". I am keeping my fingers crossed.

My Silent Venetian, my favorite of all my paintings, has just would be nice if this WIP turned out to take its place as a companion piece for the Gate Keeper, my other mascarone....A lot of "if"s :-)

This is on a watercolor paper that I had not tried before: Fabriano  Artistico 300lb CP. So far, I really like it! And it is a lot more affordable than the Arches. The painting will be approx. 16" X 20" and will be framed under glass and matted to 20" X 24", the same size as my other two mascarones.

 I will be showing my "Where is my Gondola?" at the Foyer show...if it comes back in time from the framers. I may also bring one my Venetian doorway paintings to have a trio of "Venetian Memories".

I have not been posting much in the past ten days: my daughter moved back from Manhattan and spent a week with us before settling down in her new apartment in downtown Montreal. It was great having her visit and we even spent time in Montreal with her and our son who is at McGill's University...It was so nice being all together! But...little painting was done during this time:-(

I now have a bad old, but I want to push myself to get this painting out of its ugly stage...hopefully, it will turn out ok. Let me know what you think of it so far even though it's hard to tell at this point what it will eventually look like.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. It looks fabulous to is nice to have daughters at home. Enjoy it when you can....they soon have babies, jobs and husbands and not as much time for their parents....I am thankful they live in town and when I knock at the door they have to open. Have a great show and may you have many sales. Cheers,

  2. Thank you so much, Karin. I am glad that you like the painting so far.
    My daughter now lives in Montreal, while I live in Ottawa...but it's only a 2 hr drive...much closer than Manhattan. She has a very demanding job and little time off, but I am sure we will now be seeing more of her than when she was working in NYC.

  3. It looks very "stone like" to me and I like the gilding that you have started; the face is awesome! My daughter lives just up the road, my son at home still, and it's nice to have them nearby (and in the case of my daughter, just close enough!!!)

  4. Deb, you are very, very lucky to have your children so close!
    A for the gilding, I think that it's done:-) I am finding the face very difficult...

  5. Wish you better, Christiane. *hugs*

    I like the way this painting is going. Love the shadows painted so far xx

  6. Thank you so much for your good wishes, Pat. I suppose I will simply have to spend the next few days sniffling and sneezing before this cold decides to go away:-)
    I am nervous about the next few steps for this painting:-)