Saturday, August 13, 2011

A small, fun painting!

Berry Lonely II
 I have taken a little break from my experimental orchid painting ( previous post) to paint a small
 5" X 7" watercolor.  I sold out of " strawberry" paintings at my June show. With a show coming up next weekend, I hope to find the time to paint at least one more! I am really having a lot of fun painting these strawberries - each one  seems to have  its own personality:-) This one is called Berry Lonely II - a variation of Berry Lonely I that is already sold. It is shown here  double matted in white with a black inner mat that really sets the stage for this lonely lady.

If you are in the Ottawa area next Saturday, come to the Ottawa Experimental Farm for a great outdoors art show organized by the Friends of the Farm.


  1. This strawberry looks very fresh and crispy. It is really lovely. It seems very easy for you to paint it particularly those little things on the berry's skin - do you call them seeds. I love your red.

  2. I always appreciate your visits so much, Cora!
    After you have painted a few strawberries, they become really fun and easy to paint. Yes, those are seeds on the berries...I usually mask them while I am painting the berries.

  3. Yummy good! Really wonderful painting- the shadow is gorgeous.....the seeds on the berry- amazing!

  4. Could I have a little cream with that berry?? :D Love the shadow work too.

  5. Very nicely done Christiane, I like your little green top.

  6. Kathy, thank you. The shadow is done wet in wet and the paint really decides what it wants to do:-)

    Ann, cream? hum...let me see if I can paint a cow:-)I am very pleased that you like this.

    Nora, thank you. Your visit is much appreciated.

  7. Berry lovely! :)
    Good luck at the show, hope you do well xx

  8. I can see why these pieces sell well -- luscious and they look like I could pick the berry off the page.

    I like your experimentation with the varnished watercolor. I can't wait to see the completed piece. Very nice. Question -- could you paint a standard watercolor, adhere to a gessoed board and varnish after it is done?

  9. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit after your hectic jet-setter's schedule:-) It seems that you have had a simply wonderful summer!
    I am very pleased that you like the strawberries. I have not had time yet to paint any more for Saturday's show...I may still have time for one:-)

    I have almost completed the "experimental work" and will post it once it is varnished.

    To answer your question: yes, one can paint a standard watercolor and then apply it to the board. I have explained the process in previous posts ( all small strawberry paintings). This time, I wanted to experiment with a variation of the process...with my last varnished watercolor, I got some acrylic medium on the painted watercolor paper and it created a big smudge that showed after varnishing. I thought that I would rather waste a board if the painting does not turn out than wreck a painting once it is completed :-)