Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Report

This has been another week with very little painting and a lot of work. Next weekend is a long weekend, and I certainly intend to spend many hours painting. I will use my next few evening to get several projects on the go.

I have been painting only in my head, these days. However, at least, one of my Venice paintings, Only in Venice,  has just been featured on Red Bubble, in the Works on Paper group.  This reminds me that I have neglected my "Memories of Venice" series lately.

This morning, I went to the beautiful Experimental Farm Ornamental Gardens to take some pictures as future references for paintings.   Which one to choose for the coming projects? What about this hollyhock picture?

I also took some pictures of cherries on the linen lace piece I showed a few weeks ago - I have not shot the perfect reference yet, but I think that I am getting closer to what I want.

Hopefully, I will have more than photographs, plans and previously shown paintings to post by next weekend.
I wish you all a great week.


  1. Your cherries will be as beautiful as your strawberries - I lo o o o ove Battenburg lace! Just take lots of photos when you do a set up and then you have plenty to select from for your painting!

  2. Thank you, Deb, for the vote of confidence:-) I do love Battenburg lace also.
    I took about 35 pictures of two different set-ups on Sunday, but the lighting was not right. I now know more exactly what I want; I will take lots more next weekend.

  3. I always enjoy your Venice paintings. Awwww the elusive perfect reference photo - looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  4. Love the delicate way you have rendered the design above the door and have been enjoying the colours in your Venice series. Glad you are planning more time for painting and looking out for a special subject. As you have found, lighting makes all the difference when taking photos of still life. Then you end up not knowing which one to choose!!

  5. Those cherries on the lace are just calling out to be painted!

  6. Love the colors and design in your Venice painting. I found it interesting that you have several projects going at one time. Can't wait to see your paintings of the cherries and lace.

  7. Joan, Vicki, Ann: I am pleased that you like the Venice series...another great incentive for returning to this series.

    Rhonda, those cherries are indeed calling out to me:-)

    I have not been painting much lately, but I am considering a big change in my life that would give me lots of time to paint. To be continued ...:-)

  8. congratulations on the Venice Painting.
    The Cherries look to be a great subject as well as the Hollyhocks. Go for it

  9. I'm with Gary, Christiane...go for it (you might do the red cherries first tho...heehee). I can't wait to see your take on the lace.

  10. Mollie,
    I have just posted my first attempt at "taking on" the lace and the cherries.I think you will like my main color:-)