Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Let's talk!": New strawberry painting

As I mentioned below, I sold a strawberry watercolor at last weekend's art show. People liked them because they look so realistic with all their seeds and highlights.Today I finished one of the strawberry watercolor paintings I had started, but not finished for that show.

This one is called "Let's talk!" since these two strawberries really seem to be having a serious "tête-à-tête".
It is on Arches 140lb CP watercolor paper. The background is left white in order to focus on the strawberries and their shadows. It is matted in white with interior dimensions of  approximately 4.5" X 6.5" and will fit a 8"X10" frame. The mat can be all white, or, if I find another, with a black core line showing at the beveled edge as with my single berry below.

I am really having a lot of fun painting these strawberries -each one  seems to have  its own character:-)
 I have another sketch ready, with three strawberries this time -an increment of one with each new watercolor.

$50 US, matted, unframed. Free shipping in North America

This is a great companion piece to the watercolor below, "Berry Lonely", which is also on Arches 140 lb CP watercolor paper and painted with Windsor and Newton professional grade watercolor paint.It is on a white background ( although the background looks pinkish on my monitor) and is also matted in white ( with black core showing at the beveled edge of the mat) with interior dimensions of  approximately 4.5" X 6.5" and will fit a 8"X10" frame.
$49 Canadian, matted, unframed. Free shipping in North America

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I am looking forward to reading your comments on the new next painting will probably be a floral so that you don't all get sick and tired of looking at strawberries.
If you have any questions, email me at
Have a great Sunday.


  1. Thank you, AK! They are really fun to paint...but I think that a basketful of them with their trillions of seeds would make me go blind :-)

  2. I love your attention to detail and the two little fellows to seem to be haveing a serious chat.

  3. One of my hobbies is watercolor painting. I happened to find your blog while surfing the internet. I found your strawberries so real. how did you manage to paint one by one those seeds on the fruit. I admire your diligence. Amazing


  4. Vicki,thank you for stopping by! I'm glad you find the title appropriate:-)

  5. Cora,
    It is indeed a question of patience. There is no shortcut,I'm afraid, for those seeds. I did remove a few from my original sketch :-)
    I hope that you will visit again.

  6. Beautiful!
    It reminds me of a father/son, mother/daughter meaning of life chat :)
    Your patience in painting these so realistically is remarkable!

  7. Glad you did well at the Show. The black core really creates a great boundary for the bright red strawberries. Look forward to seeing the trio and the forthcoming planned floral.

  8. Love your strawberry paintings. Excellent color and clarity and good design. Well done, Christiane

  9. Pat,I had not thought of the parent-child analogy...I love it! Thank you! I find painting all those little seeds very relaxing:-)

    Joan, I am glad that you commented on the black core mat: I was interested to find out if people preferred that boundary or nor. The Show I attended is only two years old and still not very well known, but it was fun. I am trying to be more disciplined and paint every day and not just during weekends when I am off work. I have enough sketches and ideas to keep myself painting for a while:-)

    Ann, thank you very much for your support. These really are little paintings, but they are fun.

  10. very nice. I had strawberries on two occassions yesterday and were they ever good. LOL Ran into a bunch on my last outing in the mountains and hate to admit I ate the whole patch.

  11. Gary, I hope you sketched them before eating them:-)

  12. Wonderful clean colors going on Christiane...hope you sold a bunch at your show.

  13. Hi Christiane. Your little berries are delightful! I think you have a real knack for creating these juicy little fruits. And i forgot to congratulate you on your sales at the show where "no one ever sells anything"! I knew you would. Well done! And i hope you are able to sell bunches of these little guys now that you are making them available for sale on your blog. What a great idea!
    Thanks too for stopping by my own blog yet again. It has gotten so that i look for you now. Smile! And yes, i am definitely going to do some more Yupo paintings. They are such fun to do. I plan on using some of Sandy Maudlin's techniques which she had posted on her very fine blog.
    Happy painting Christiane.

  14. Mollie, it's so nice of you to stop by! I really enjoy working on these berries. I did have some small sales at the show... so I was pleased. Enjoy your trip and get lots of painting done!

    Ross, I would not miss visiting your blog when you have a new post! You know how I love your whimsical villages and lately you have had some great surprises for us...such as your latest post on yupo. Sandy is a source of great inspiration; one of these days, I simply have to try one of her batik techniques. As for sales of strawberries from my blog, well, I have not sold baskets of them yet :-)

  15. You're becoming a strawberry specialist...:_), love the tittle, let's talk. Anatomy, colors, composition..everything perfect.

  16. Thank you, Fabio...I think this "specialization" is a bit too narrow for a productive art career:-)

    However, I am very pleased that you like how I painted these.

  17. Christiane, your water colors are quite an inspiration! They have a natural flow of colors, clarity and lovely concepts.. cant resist eating your berries!

  18. Thank you very much, Padmaja, for taking the time to visit and leaving such a kind comment. It's very much appreciated.

  19. Gretchen,
    Thank you! I visited your blog and really liked your floral work. I hope that you will visit again.