Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pictures from my vacation

I am back from a wonderful week in Maine, right beside the Atlantic. What a great way to forget about work!
Long walks on the beach, breathing in that pure sea air:

Listening to the deafening sounds of the waves against the rocks: 

There were still some flowers in bloom...I had brought a winter coat:-)

I painted wonderful watercolors in my head ...but none on paper. One rainy afternoon, I pushed paint around for about 30 minutes and tried to get juicy colors through mingling on paper like Anne Abgott in her book "Daring Color". I ended up with whimsical pears a four-year old could be proud of :-)

 Meanwhile, upon checking on my Red Bubble site, I was pleased to see that my  Venetian Guardian had placed in the top ten in one of the recent Art challenges on that site.

I was back at work today with no time for dreaming about painting. However, I have 2-3 projects lined up and hopefully will get them started tomorrow night.

Good night everyone!


  1. Welcome back! I envy you your trip to the sea and know some good paintings are ready to come out when you have time.

  2. Rhonda, I really appreciated that vacation...as for the good paintings, I hope that you are right.

  3. welcome home to you too.. wow beautiful place you visited.. congrats on being in the top ten.. what an honor!! look at you go !!! yippee!!