Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I Have Been Up To

My last post was weeks and weeks ago! Unforgivable!

I have been busy in spite of a pinched nerve in my back and inflammation of the sciatic nerve....I am slowly getting better.

Here are some of my latest paintings...small ones, since my back was not cooperating:-)

Beautiful Giraffe -SOLD
 "Beautiful Giraffe "  is on a 5" x 7" Ampersand Aquabord that I am starting to really like. I have been working quite a bit with gold leaf and, as for "The Zebra" below, I decided that it would be perfect for the background: the gold translates the heat of the burning African sun.
I then sealed the gold leaf and varnished the entire painting and added a resin-like finish. This finish adds depth to the painting and its shine makes it look almost like a ceramic tile. Really interesting!
I am very pleased with this piece....I hope you will be too.

The Zebra - SOLD
 I found the perfect little frame for The Zebra. It sold the first day it was posted,on DailyPaintworks.

Below are two acrylic paintings with negative painting à la Linda Kemp with whom I took my 5th or 6th workshop in July. She is great!

The paintings of birds nests are on 8" x 8" Ampersand Claybord.I have not yet had a chance to look for frames for them. With their one and only egg each, the paintings are called "Precious I" and Precious II.  I would like to make a series of these and intend to try much larger sizes...The intricate interweave of twigs in the nests really fascinate me...perhaps because I was a hand weaver many, many years ago:-)
"Precious I" - Available

"Precious II" - Available
I hope your summer has been great so far! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. The nests are wonderful. IThey are close to my heart and have painted so many of them and get lost in the process. They are weaver and twigs or grasses are their thread. Nice to see you enjoy it too.

    1. Thank you so much, Julie, for stopping by and leaving such a nice note. I do love the process of painting nests and plan to paint many more.
      Take care.