Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Surprise from Laura Leeder

Today, in the mail, I received a beautiful gift from fellow blogger, Laura Leeder. I was one of the winners in her note card give-away. Here is the beauty that I received: I put the card through my scanner and it came out blurry:-( (Sorry, Laura.) To see good pictures of Laura's beautiful "Tea Cup" cards, you will all have to go to Laura's website  The note cards were featured in the "Tea Time" magazine this month!I am not surprised: the card I received is beautifully printed front and back and Laura's delicate paintings of lace and teacups are absolutely gorgeous.

Congratulations and thank you so much Laura!


  1. Hi Christiane,

    So glad you received it and thank you for your comments! It was so rewarding to do this. Of course, the original idea came from another artist and blogging friend Judy Barends.
    Her blog is:

    All the best, Laura

    1. I was thrilled to receive this beautiful note card, Laura!

  2. Oh this is beautiful, Christiane, Laura's paintings are beautiful! I am waiting at the mailbox for mine, it has to cross the Atlantic, so it may take some time!

    1. Laura's paintings are indeed beautiful! I especially love the delicacy of them. Your card will be well worth the wait, Judy:-)

  3. Chistiane, what a lovely surprise and so beautiful.

    I am having fun catching up on your blog. First, congratulations on your first place at the show! Well deserved. I am loving how you are branching out and trying new things. I am having that desire right now, as you can see from my tango dancers.

    At my recent show, I found the smaller pieces sold. The largest to sell was a bit bigger than a quarter sheet. I think price and limited wall space are both a factor.

    Modern art is very big now with the younger crowd, so your edgy pieces will certainly appeal.

  4. Mary, Laura's cards are little gems!

    I am sure that you are right about the current art market. At one of my last shows, all my buyers were around 30 and they pounced on the mixed media:-)

    I love your collage and one day would love to try this technique.

    Take care and don't work too hard, Mary.