Monday, June 27, 2011

New Work in Progress and Varnishing

I feel that I have not posted anything new in such a long time: first I had the pinched nerve ( getting much better), then I had to prepare for shows etc. I have started a new piece, about 16" X 16" on Arches 140lb. It is a Venetian mascarone again ( stone sculpture over an archway). I  painted this one in a small format a few months ago, but wanted to try it again. I don't think that it will create the same impact as my recent Gate Keeper, but at least it's getting me back in the painting mode:-)

I have also painted a new strawberry painting, Gossip Time.  It is attached to a gallery wood panel and varnished, this time with varnish applied with a roller, instead of sprayed on. I really liked the colors of this painting, but  the result shows a few imperfections unfortunately where the medium used to glue the paper to the panel oozed out onto the painting...lesson learned! I will therefore keep this painting for myself and will probably redo it.


  1. Glad to hear you're getting better.
    Love the sculpture - and sorry the strawberries got a glitch.. but, perhaps they wanted to stay home with you ! :) xx

  2. You mascarone is looking good. I like your color choices. The strawberries are so cute. Thanks for sharing your varnishing process with us.

  3. Really like the mascarone, Christiane...I like him as well as the Gate Keeper actually...and...always love your happy strawberries. I've been bad about posting too, so we'd both best "shape up"...

  4. Pat: Healing this shoulder is being such a slow process. I have purchased an inflatable neck traction collar since the source of the problem can be my neck discs...I am fine until I use my arm:-) As for the strawberries, maybe I wanted to keep them also:-)

    Vicki: I am still working on refining the varnishing process...I am glad you like the mascarone so far. Painting strawberries does make me feel happy:-)

    Mollie: ok, Let's shape up together:-) I will be a very happy painter if this painting turns out well. I meant to add a pigeon on top of the head, but I think I will keep it the way it is now. My strawberries are now warmer as a result of your great demo. Thank you!

  5. Christiane, good to hear you are getting better and to see you painting. I'm liking this one very much, especially those warm tones used to model the face.

  6. Ann, I am so glad that you like this painting!