Friday, April 8, 2011

Gate Keeper-WIP part 2

I am back from my trip to NYC to visit my daughter. Although we were busy non-stop, I have to admit that I missed my hands kept wanting to hold a brush. Next time I travel, I may at least bring watercolor pencils:-)

I have worked some more on my Mascarone. Not too sure what to think of it. He certainly looks very sad in spite of all the colors on his face:-) What do you think?

There is still a lot of work to do on this painting, but apart from from the eye area, most of the face is done.

I was thrilled to find some mascaroni in NYC:

I wish you a great weekend!


  1. Love this- don't think he looks sad, just solemn and stately...really nice! I really like the perspective you are doing this one from. Good work!

  2. He may look a bit sad but it makes a great painting. I think the perspective is great too.

  3. Really like how this one is looking, Christiane, especially the face.

  4. Kathy, thank you. You are always so diplomatic:-)

    Vicki, I think I would probably look quite sad too if I had spent the last 500 years in the sun, wind and sleet:-) The perspective is different...probably breaks a few rules!

    Ann, coming from a portrait expert like you, your comment about the face means a lot to me. Thank you!

    Deb, thank you. I was hoping to get it finished in time to enter it in a juried show today, but I will miss the deadline by at least a week:-). Hopefully, the rest of the painting will continue to go well.

  5. The colors are very pleasing,as is the composition, eager to see the completion of this one!

  6. Thank you, Laura. I am very pleased that you like it!