Monday, December 20, 2010

New WIp- Fuschias and update on retirement

I have started a new floral: Fuschias, this time. It is approx. 8.5"X 10.5 on Arches 140lb CP. I have cut a full sheet this time instead of using the watercolor pad - as mentioned in my previous WIP, I do notice a difference between the two paper formats...The loose sheet format is more forgiving and I find that it has a smoother texture...strange, since they are supposed to be the same. Perhaps the watercolor pad I have had some defect...
Here is the first progress photo: I have painted a dark background, a few of the leaves and am trying out the pinks in the left-hand side. Some of the highlight are being preserved by liquid masking. I am also trying to be patient and to use light layers of glazing on the petals.
As reference, I am using part of a beautiful photo made available to artists on WetCanvas.

Now, where is all that free time I was expecting from my recent retirement? My retirement started officially on Dec 1 and  since Dec 3, I have had to deal with a family emergency concerning an elderly relative - she was hospitalized and now I am doing all I can to find her some supported living facility...and keeping her in the hospital when the only thing she wants is to leave:-) I supposed that I should tell myself that if I were still working I would have the same responsibility, but no time to deal with it...Sigh....

I hope that you will follow this WIP - no guarantee how it will turn out, but, successful or not, I will treat this as another learning experience.

Have a great day and I hope that in this week before Xmas life and weather are being good to you!


  1. You've got a great start and I'll be watching. I'm sorry about your relative and the hospitalization and time it's taking away from you - but you have the right attitude (better now than when you were working full time and didn't have a moment to spare). I hope everything works out. We'll be patient on this one (easier for me to say when I'm not the one painting it!).

  2. I like the start to this also and look forward to learning as you go. Hope things get better for you and your relative.

  3. Thank you, Rhonda and Kathy! The painting really takes my mind off any worries, but are you like me and find that you don't paint as well when you don't feel that you have your usual inner harmony? Maybe I should throw painting on a canvas to relax:-)

  4. The fuschia look lovely so far. They're gorgeous flowers and I know it will turn out well. I agree patience is a factor with watercolour and rushing always ends up frustrating yourself in the end. I usually have a couple of pieces on the go at once so I can flip back and forth while one piece is drying.

    Elderly relatives can be challenging and want their independence fiercely. Sorry this has to take you away from painting, but it will be resolved and you'll have time to yourself once more.

  5. Lovely beginning to this painting. Will follow with interest.

    Somehow when you have extra time, something always comes along to fill it. Hope there's improvement soon xx

  6. Staying tuned for this WIP, Christiane. Looking very good at this early stage. Sounds like you have your hands full right now. I hope you soon find a retirement community for your relative. It is so hard on them having to give up their independence and it is wonderful of you to be there for her.

    In case I don't get another chance, I'm wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year.

  7. Jeanette, thank you. I am really trying to be patient, but keep forgetting:-) I hope that we can soon find a viable solution to this relative's current situation.

    Thank you, Pat. I am hoping that in early January I will have the free time I was expecting to come with retirement:-)

    Ann, I appreciate your kind wishes. I also wish you all the best for the holidays. Take care.

  8. I do hope that things settle down for you and that you can spend your time painting. Great start on this one. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Thank you so much, Vicki. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, Vicki.