Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Report and Venice Fountain WIP part 1

Only 2.5 weeks before I retire and can become a full-time artist! Wow!  I don't think that I quite realize it yet.

Of course, this has been another busy week with little time for actual painting; however, I did frame my "Love that Lace" and I took advantage of  the free weekend trial at ArtistNetworkTV to watch at least 6 art videos on watercolor and acrylic.

This afternoon, I finally sat down in front of my latest sketch: Venetian Pool Party or Venice Fountain. I really want to paint this quickly, spontaneously, rather than going for a labor-intensive realistic look...just to see what I can do quickly:-)Don't expect a masterpiece:-

)Here is the result of this first session:
Have a great Sunday evening!


  1. Hi Christiane. Yes, spontaneous! I am with you there and try to do the very same thing. So many of my paintings are very labor intensive and it is such a relaxing thing to just throw paint on and have lots of loose edges everywhere. It looks like you are off to a great start Christiane. it will be exciting to see the finished painting. I really liked the way your "Love that Lace" turned out too. You nailed the lace and the fruit looks good enough to eat. Well done!

  2. Your spontaneous paintings are every bit as masterful as your detailed work - just different!
    I love them all :)
    And you honestly must be retiring VERY early :) xx

  3. I like the start of this one and loved your lace and tomato painting :) I can think of no better title, though. I can sense your excitement about retirement!!!

  4. Ross: thank you for stopping by and am glad that you like my latest "lace and fruit" still life. I am looking at the fountain and can see that with my "spontaneity" of last Sunday, I mishaped the bottom part of the fountain:-)

    Pat: You are so kind. It makes me feel really good to have such great support. Thank you! By the way, I am not retiring "very"early at all:-)

    Rhonda:Retirement will be so different from my current life where I never really forget about work issues. I hope that I will be able to bring my "painting career" up to a new level:-)

  5. Christiane, when you do retire, you'll never understand how you ever had time to work with everything you'll be doing. It's great just wait and see.

  6. Mollie, I have just over a week to go before retiring and I am becoming more excited every day. I am looking forward to having time to paint!